1000 Reasons Why Rich People Own Gold

1,000 Reasons Why Rich People Own Gold

1,000 Reasons Why Rich People Own Gold and these reasons are exactly why you should own Gold too if you want to be rich some day.  Now of all the reasons why rich people own Gold – the 1,000 reasons that I want to show you are probably not what you expected.  But – they affect you personally – right now!

1000 Reasons Why Rich People Own GoldSo you may be thinking that I’m going to show you that Gold is a critical insurance policy against the craziness in the world.  Or maybe for protection against the potential collapse of the stock market.  Maybe even because Gold has been a form of real money – for over 5,000 years.

But actually – I want to show you something that’s really a simple reality that almost every average person is totally blind to right now.  You know – something so obvious that we’ve all missed this.  And everyday you walk around accepting this fact – as the new normal.

Well – this should really get you ticked off!  I know for me – it get’s me angry seeing what’s happening to the average person – and seeing how hard they work to make ends meet.  And yet – they’re fighting a losing battle.  So if this doesn’t get you angry – well you have become numb to the new normal.

BUT – rich people don’t take this garbage laying down.  No!  They always find ways to correct these types of realities.  They change them  – so that they can continue to accumulate wealth.

Reasons Why Rich People Own Gold – Here’s Why You Should Too

So check this out.  Rich people are able to get 1,000 times more interest or increase on their money – than you do.  AND – they can skip out on paying taxes on that interest or increase – year after year – while their money just keeps growing and growing!

Stop And Think On 1000 Reasons Why Rich People Own GoldLet that sink in for a minute.  Now – does that get you mad?  Does it get you mad that these rich people are getting what seems like – an unfair advantage over you?

Well first of all it should get you mad.  But then again – they’re just doing something that you could do as well.  But – I bet that you just didn’t know about it – which means it’s not your fault.  So hang in here for a couple of minutes and let me show you a few things.

First – I’ll show you how you could get 1,000 times more interest or increase on your money.  Heck – I’ll even show you how to skip out on paying taxes on that interest or increase – year after year.  And – it’s 100% legal!!!!!

Okay so they get paid 1,000 times more interest or increase than you do.  How do they do that?  Well first of all – they take some of their savings and exchange it into Gold.  Now I say “exchange” for a really good reason.  You see – you don’t ever really buy Gold – because Gold is actually a form of money.  So we don’t buy money with money – we trade one for another.

Let me give you a quick example.  Let’s say that you live in the United States and you want to take a vacation in Canada.  Let’s say that you have $5,000.00 in US Dollars and you want to get $5,000.00 worth of Canadian Dollars.  This way you could move around Canada more easily – and just pay for things in Canadian Dollars.  Well – you exchange the US Dollars for the same value in Canadian Dollars.

You see – your money didn’t go away – and you didn’t spend your money.  You just changed it’s shape or it’s appearance.  And when your vacation is over – you exchange your Canadian Dollars back into US Dollars and poof.  The only thing that’s missing is what you spent on food, travel and souvenirs etc. – during your vacation.

The Same Thing Applies When YOU Own Gold

It’s actually money and it has a value associated with it.  So when we want to acquire Gold – we actually just exchange our US Dollars for the Gold.  Or with any currency for that matter.  And of coarse that means – we still have our money – we didn’t spend it.  We just changed it’s shape.  But now that we exchanged our money into Gold – we can now get the interest or the rate of increase in value – that Gold get’s.  You know…….instead of the change in value of the US Dollars.

Best Interest On 1000 Reasons Why Rich People Own GoldSo let’s see how the value of Gold has changed in – let’s say the last 16 years.  Over the last 16 years – Gold has averaged an annual return of 11%.  Some years it has gone as high as 30%.  Heck – in 2008 when everyone was losing half of their retirement accounts – it still gave back a return of over 5%.

Now we are talking about rich people here- and why they put their money into Gold.  But in order for us to understand exactly why they do that – let’s take a look at what we typically do with our money.

We usually put our money in our checking account – or our savings account.  And some of us even put money into a retirement account.  So – how much of a return do we – you know – broke people, poor people or middle class people – how much of a return do we get on our money?

Well at my bank – they give me .01% interest on my money – annually.  And after doing a lot of looking around – even in Europe – that’s about the norm.  Now – I know that if you put a lot more money in a longer term CD or in a longer term IRA or 401K – we could get a little more.  But I want to focus on us average people for a minute.  So – check this out!

Here’s Why You Should Own Gold Like A Rich Person!

Do you have a calculator?  If we divide 11% annual return on Gold – with the .01 percent that we get – we find out that the rich people are getting 1,100 times more return on their money – than we do with our’s.

Woooh……that’s got to be a mistake right?

Well let’s double check our math.  Multiply 1,100 times your .01 percent interest and what do we get?  Huh…..sure enough.  We come up with 11%.  So – rich people exchange their money for Gold – and get 1,100 times more interest or increase than we do in our stupid savings account.  And remember – they DID NOT spend their money – they just changed it’s shape or form – into Gold.

Now – are you a little ticked off because the rich people found a way to make over 1,000 times more money on their money – as compared to what you and I get?  Well……I hope so.  BUT – there’s more!

You see – I also said in the beginning that they skipped out on paying taxes on their interest or increase.  And – I said it was 100% legal.  So – how do they do that?  And this is really – really important!  I say this because if you keep your interest or increase for a longer period of time – you get to earn more interest or increase on ALL of your money.

One Of The Reasons Why Rich People Own Gold – Is Because Of This Little Known Tax Benefit

You see – according to the Internal Revenue Service – people who buy Gold Bullion are considered “Collectors”.  That means it would be the same thing as collecting coins, baseball cards or maybe even paintings.  So the value of all these so called “collectibles” may go up or down year by year – but we don’t have to pay taxes on the “gains” until we actually sell them and make a profit.

Exchange Dollars Into Gold-Why Own GoldSo when they exchange their US Dollars into Gold – and that value of the Gold goes up year after year – they don’t have to keep paying taxes on the increased value every year.  In fact – they don’t have to pay taxes until they sell it for a profit.  And of course when they do that – it will most likely be when they retire.  And also most likely – they will be making less money than they were at the peak of their careers.

Now – if the rich people are doing this and getting paid on average right now – over 1,000 times what we get paid – shouldn’t we wake up?  In addition – if the rich people are not paying taxes on their savings until they sell their Gold – or “exchange it” – back into cash – why should we have to keep paying taxes on our savings?

Well I think it’s pretty darned clear.  But then there are questions that you’re asking right now – and I know this because I asked the same questions.

Isn’t Gold really expensive?  So – how in the world could I afford it?  I mean after all – only rich people can afford Gold right?  So how can I do it?

I Found A Free Gold Savings Account – And Small Bars Of Gold

So yeah Gold is expensive – I get that.  Heck right now as I write this post – Gold is going for about $1,268.00 per ounce.  But with the free Gold savings account that I got – I can buy Gold by the Gram – and there are 31 grams in a Troy ounce.  So that’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying it by the ounce.

And then with the same account – I could also get the Gold in 1/10th of a gram sizes – so that makes it extremely affordable for any of us.  Even us broke, poor or middle class folks.

Free Gold Savings Account On Reasons Why Rich People Own GoldBut here’s the thing.  We can now get paid over 1,000 times more for our savings – and even defer the taxes.  But we have to think longer term.  We have to start thinking like rich people do – and they build wealth.  So I don’t look at my Gold Savings account as saving for emergencies.  I think of it as my wealth account which is a longer term.

Now with that being said – here’s how I handle my Gold Savings Account.  I set mine up so it’s on an “Auto Exchange” setting which means that every month – it automatically takes money out of my checking account – and exchanges it for Gold.  Now I love this because it doesn’t matter what the price of Gold is doing – it automatically credits my Gold account to the right amount of Gold – out to 4 decimal places.

Let me show you an example.  Let’s say that I was exchanging a certain amount of money for Gold…..and it was slightly more than the value of 1 gram of Gold.  So for example – my Gold balance may read something like this: 1.1170.  And I love that because that means that what ever I deposit – it will give me the most amount of Gold that I can get – right down to the Penny.

And it works the other way too.  Suppose I deposited an amount of money that wasn’t enough to buy a full Gram of Gold.  It doesn’t matter.  It will credit to my account – the maximum amount of Gold that my money can buy – right down to the Penny.  So as an example – my Gold balance might be something like this:.9970.

Anyway – this means that we get the maximum amount of Gold – “Locked In” right now.  And that means when Gold goes up – ALL of our Gold goes up – even if it’s a fraction of a full Gram of Gold.  It also acts like a built in Price Averaging system for us – which means we get more Gold when prices go lower.  And of course less Gold when prices are rising.

So There’s Over 1,000 Reasons Why Rich People Own Gold

And there’s also over 1,000 reasons why you and I should also own Gold.  Now I already jumped in – and I save Gold each and every month.  And I know that based on over 5,000 years of history – Gold is always something that I can depend on for financial security for my family.

So what about you?  Isn’t it about time that you get paid like a rich person?  Isn’t it about time – that you get paid 1,100 times more than the interest or increase that you currently get?  Yeah – I thinks it’s time for you too!

Click the button below to watch a [VIDEO] and learn how you can get your own free Gold Savings account too – so you can start building wealth and security for your family today!

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P.S. If you open your Free Gold Account using the Button on the next page - I'll give you a Bonus Card that will get you a 3% discount on ALL of the Gold that you exchange through that account - for a FULL YEAR!  So that's most likely - about 300 times more money in interest on your own money for free - for a whole year!

P.P.S. My intention is to share with you my experience and what I'm doing with my savings - and how I get my own Gold.  I am not a tax adviser or an investment adviser - just an average person trying to make smarter decisions about my own money - and I'm probably just like you.  So make sure that you seek tax advice from a tax adviser when it comes to your own taxes and do your own due diligence when it comes to your own financial decisions.

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