Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners can be simple to understand. So let’s break it down for you right here-and make it easy for you to understand what it is.  And while we’re at it – let’s see how you can earn an extra income – by getting into affiliate marketing yourself.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - Right On Your ComputerSo let me ask you this?  Have you ever dreamed of making some extra money from home?  And doing just that – using nothing but your computer and your internet connection?

Well if you like to write and know how to use your computer, you can do just that!

Okay – so seeing that this is about affiliate marketing for beginners – let’s start at the beginning.  And to do that, we need to first understand what marketing is.

Well marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.  Now let me explain this a little more, because I know when 95% of us see the words “sales” or “selling”, we tend to get nervous.

You see marketing is more like advertising.  And when we think of affiliate marketing or online marketing – I like to compare them to something that you can relate to a little  easier.  So picture sales as that guy at the used car lot.  You know – that guy that has that big smile and talks real fast.

And he won’t let you get a word in edge wise either.  So that’s what most of us think of when we think of sales.  Now marketing is different.  Marketing is more like that billboard on the side of the highway.

So picture this – you are driving down the road and you see a billboard that says – “Got Milk”?  Now as soon as you see that, you immediately think about milk.  Even though no one is speaking to you.

Well – in online marketing and in affiliate marketing – we are pretty much in the billboard business.  We just sort of put little billboards up – in front of people who read our articles or blog posts.  And that sounds pretty easy right?

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Can Be Really Easy To Understand!

Now in affiliate marketing – we sometimes create our own lingo.  So on the highway when we see a sign, advertising or promoting a product or service, we call that a billboard.  In affiliate marketing we call those signs – a banner.  And I’m sure that you have seen those on the internet as well.

In fact – I’m an affiliate marketer and on the right side of this site there are banners.  And almost all of them are for my affiliate program – or related to it anyway.  But – a banner is actually just a picture.  And – it’s click able.

Facebook Fans Affiliate Marketing ExampleHere is another one – right here to the left.  And you can make any click able picture take your visitor – to any place on the internet.

So when your visitor clicks on the image – it is connected to a link.  And that link takes the person to another post, or another website entirely.

In fact in most cases – it will take the person to a site that belongs to a company that has an affiliate program.  And the cool thing about that is, they take care of everything for you.

They sell the product – they take the persons credit card – and they ship the product.  BUT – you get the commission.  And we’ll talk more about that part in a minute.

Anyway, all we have to do is write about something related in some way, to what we are promoting.  And sometimes – it doesn’t have to be related at all!

We can also put the affiliate link – right inside the post or article that we are writing.  So for an example, let’s say that we had an affiliate marketing product that was a small training course.  And that little course was called – “Get Prospects To Buy”.  Now we could be writing a post or article that was related to that subject in some way.

Or – we could do a review on that exact product.  You know – like doing a little book report like we used to do in school.

So let’s say that we are writing about the main points that are discussed in the little course.  Then we can put the link for that course in one of our sentences.  And that link would take our reader, right to the sales page for that course.

Now there are two ways for us to do that.  We could just put the link itself, or the URL address, in the sentence.  And that would look like this – .  But – that’s pretty ugly  isn’t it?

It’s also pretty darn obvious that you are taking your reader some where else.  But there is a much better way to do this.  We could just make the title of the course – click able.  And in online marketing and affiliate marketing, we call that “anchor text”.

Now that’s just a fancy word to say that the words are click able.

So here’s what that would look like.  We could be talking about this course called Get Prospects To Buy and the reader could click on the title.  Yeah – the words themselves become the link.  And the link can be anything that you want it to be.

Now both of these examples go to the same place.  However – they look totally different.

But – which one do you think looks better?  Yeah – I think that we can all agree.  The one that is actually the title and uses the words, looks a lot better than that ugly link.

Affiliate Marketing – Is All About Sharing Links!

So now you’re starting to see why I say that affiliate marketing for beginners, can be really easy to understand.

Now – I am sure that you are asking yourself right about now – “but how do you get paid”?  Well the link that we use in affiliate marketing has a username in the link.  So take a look at this link one more time: .  Now take a look at the “djw1618”.  You see – that is my username in this link.

So if you were an affiliate in the same program that I’m in – you would use the same link – for the same product.  The only difference would be that your username, would be where mine is.  And that tells the affiliate marketing program’s computer – who’s link the visitor clicked on.  And that person would get paid the commission.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - Learn To Make Money From HomeOkay – commission’s sound like fun.  So how much do we get paid if someone clicks on our affiliate link?

Well now that varies all over the place!  Some affiliate programs pay very small percentages – like 1% or 5% .  But they have a huge assortment of products.

Then again – other affiliate programs pay as high as 100% for commissions!  Wow huh?

Now you may be asking – how can they pay someone 100%?  Well typically – they don’t pay every single person that much.  But they do pay a higher percentage to the higher producing affiliates.

So I guess when you do some number crunching – maybe it evens out at a percentage where the company still makes out.  But we as affiliates – well we like 100% commissions a lot 🙂

Now the most famous affiliate program that offers a huge amount of products to promote, is actually Amazon dot com.  You can promote almost anything when you become an affiliate with Amazon.  You can promote anything from a low priced eBook or video – all the way up to computers and larger ticket items.

And affiliate marketing is becoming HUGE!  More and more companies are starting up affiliate programs.  And I mean we are talking about some very well known companies too!  So – we can promote just about anything that we want.

In fact – you can check out two very well know affiliate companies right here.  Click Bank and Link Share are two of the biggest affiliate companies, that manage other companies affiliate programs.  And when you visit those two sites, you can see some of the very popular and well known companies, that participate in affiliate marketing.

Companies like AT&T, JCPenney, Walmart – and the list just goes on and on.  I mean – it’s HUGE!

And there are tons of products that you can promote – anytime you want!

In addition, most affiliate programs are free to join, so you can join a lot of them if you wish.  Or you can just focus in on one program that pays you very well.  Which happens to be what I do.

And that brings me to the final thing to consider, when we are talking about affiliate marketing for beginners.

Two Major Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now if we want to make affiliate marketing a full time career – with a full time income – then we have to consider this next point very carefully.

You see most affiliate programs pay you a commission for each sale – as the sale occurs.  That means – make a sale – get paid for the sale!  Now if you want to make a full time income – you need to keep promoting and create a lot of articles or blog posts.  And you have to get A LOT of TRAFFIC!

Small Money - Small CommissionsThis is especially true if you are working with a program like the one that Amazon offers.  Why?  Well because they pay you a very small percentage – on small ticket items mostly.  Now that can add up – but some of us want that full time income faster.

So there is one other type of affiliate marketing program that I haven’t discussed yet.  And those types of programs have membership subscriptions – or services that occur monthly.

And when you are part of those types of affiliate programs, the commissions can become really cool!

With those types of programs, you get paid over and over again.  Yeah – and every single month!  And as you keep directing new customers to the company that you are promoting – your commissions keep accumulating.

So let me give you a conservative example.  Let’s say that a particular membership subscription for some service – gives you a $15.00 commission.  Per month of course.

And let’s say that this month, 10 people bought this subscription from company “XYZ”.  Well that means you would be getting paid for 10 subscriptions – at $15.00 each – per month.  Well that’s $150.00 per month – cool huh?

Now next month, let’s say that you got 10 more sales.  Well, now you have a total of 20 people paying for subscriptions – and now you are making $300.00 per month.  LOL  – it’s starting to get pretty exciting now right?

Large Commissions From Affiliate MarketingYou see, with subscription type affiliate programs, your income can get bigger and bigger, every single month.  And it becomes a residual income – and it just keeps coming to you month after month.

Now – that’s something that you could retire on!

Especially when there are no ceilings in affiliate marketing.  That means, you could get 100 subscriptions or, even thousands of subscriptions!!

And – that means that you can build your affiliate marketing business as big as you want!

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – It Can Be The Start Of Something Big!

So if you find an affiliate program that pays really well – and also pays on subscriptions – well then sometimes you only need to focus your time on ONE program.  And people like me, well we like that a lot.

And don’t get me wrong.  I love multiple income streams.  But sometimes you can only be really good, when you focus on one particular type of business.  And sometimes you can earn a much larger income, when you do focus on one particular program.

So even though you may be a beginner – or feel like a beginner – affiliate marketing can be something awesome for you to start.  Like I said, most programs are free to join.  And there are so many companies, and so many products to promote.

There is bound to be something that you just love.  For me – I actually love to teach.  And I also like to write.  So I combined the two and that’s why I picked an educational company to be my main affiliate marketing program.

Oh yeah – it also offers subscriptions in the form of memberships 🙂   So I am building one of those ever increasing monthly incomes too!

But all of us have our own likes and dislikes.  And all of us have our own particular skill sets.  So – what’s yours?  What do you like to do?

Well if you like to write – or make videos – or you like to socialize on social media sites – well then you too can become an affiliate marketer.  And if you typed into the search engine – affiliate marketing for beginners – don’t feel like you can’t do this.

You can!  You just need to learn a little bit about the business.  And I hope that this post – “Affiliate Marketing For Beginners” has helped you a little bit.  But by all means – explore the rest of our site.  Because we love to help people get started in affiliate marketing and online marketing.

And feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions.  I would be happy to help you get started!


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