Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate Marketing Websites can be simple to create.  And if you build your own affiliate marketing site correctly you can earn an income for many years.  Now of course I am talking about you being into affiliate marketing – and then building affiliate marketing websites for the products or services that you promote.

Affiliate Marketing WebsitesSo – why would we do that?  Why would we build a website for a specific product or service?

Well by creating a site specifically for an affiliate product that you are promoting – your visitors typically are highly targeted.

In other words – the people who come to a website about one specific product or service – are already interested in learning more about that topic.

So maybe they are already inclined to buy that product.  Or – maybe they are interested – but want to learn more.  But no matter how you cut it – if you have a site that is specific about that product – you will only attract visitors that are interested in that specific product.

Now this may be new to you.  You might be thinking that all you need is one website and you can put up a bunch of banners for all sorts of affiliate marketing products.  And then – you can cash in – right?

Well – there are two problems with that way of thinking.  First of all – people become blind to banners.  Why?  Well – typically someone is trying to sell them something with banners – and they don’t want to be sold anything.

And secondly – your visitors may not be looking specifically for that product that the banner is about.  So instead of being – highly targeted – they are just tire kickers or passerby’s instead.

Affiliate Marketing Websites Are Also Considered Niche Sites

Okay so when I’m talking about affiliate marketing websites – I am talking about a site that is highly targeting a specific audience – with a specific product.  And then we will attract more interested individuals – instead of tire kickers.

And that means we will get more clicks – and more commissions.  It also means that if we do this correctly – we can earn an income from that particular affiliate marketing product for years to come.  And maybe more than a decade!  LOL – sort of like an online cash machine.

So – how do we go about making these affiliate marketing websites?  Well the first thing that we must do is keyword research.  We need to weed out highly competitive keyword terms – and pick out keyword phrases that get a decent amount of traffic.  But then again – we want to position our new site where there is lower competition.

Now what do I mean by that?  Well – here is an example.  Let’s take the phrase “Affiliate Marketing Websites” as an example.

As of today – that term or keyword phrase gets about 29 daily searches which of course is about 870 searches per month.  Now that’s not a lot.  But if you got an almost guaranteed monthly traffic supply like that from just one source – every single month for your product – you could make some money.

In addition – if they were HIGHLY TARGETED – well your conversion rate could be very high.

Now obviously – “affiliate marketing websites” –  is not a product – and I am simply using the term as an example.

Affiliate Marketing Websites ExampleBut here is what I really wanted to show you for this example.  Take a look at this picture.  This is a portion of a screen shot from Market Samurai which I use exclusively for my keyword research – and my competition research.

In fact – this tool is open on my screen – ALL day – and every day!

But what this image is showing me is that for the phrase “affiliate marketing websites” – there is not one single competitor that has the phrase in the Title of the page or post.

And none of my competitors has the phrase in the URL, Description or Meta Description – and the Headline or H1 tag.  So basically – I have zero competition for that specific keyword phrase.

Now sure – people type in and search for the keyword phrase “Affiliate Marketing Websites” – and when they get there – there are related results.

BUT – not one single one that answers a specific question – with THE specific answer.  And of course there is more to consider such as your competitors back links, the age of the site etc.  But – answering the question with the exact answer that the searcher is looking for – is the biggest edge that we can get when creating affiliate marketing websites.

Affiliate Marketing Websites Example

Okay with the above image in mind – how exactly would we go about making an affiliate marketing website?  One that highly targets a specific audience – for a specific product.

Well here is one that I am actually building – and I’m not quite done with it as I am writing this.  But I should have it done within a week or so.  Anyway – take a look at the title, the domain name, the H1 tag and the meta description.  Oh yeah – it’s also in the site description as well.

So check out this Affiliate Marketing Websites example and see what I mean.  OH – and don’t forget to come back here so I can show you the importance of the example.

You see – when someone looks for that specific keyword phrase – and they find my site – well then they are getting exactly what they were looking for.  And in this case – I am giving away a free download.  So – the conversion rate would be crazy high – right?

But the point is that we can do our research and find spots on the internet where we can answer the question.  And we can be so specific – that we get highly targeted visitors for our highly targeted and specific product.

Now if this is done correctly – you can build site after site – and your profits can stream in like an online ATM machine.  And for many years to come too.  But the key is to be very specific – and to go where there is no competition.

Now if you want to learn more about creating affiliate marketing websites or – how to make money online – consider taking our Make Money From Blogging video course.  It’s free – so there is no catch at all.  I am just trying to pass on some of my blessings – and pay it forward.

And then check out the Domain Name Generator site again which I used as an example of how to create affiliate marketing websites.  Just sit back and think……does it answer a specific question?  Does it line up a specific product to a specific prospect?  And if you agree that it does – well go ahead and find an affiliate marketing product that you would like to promote – and start creating Affiliate Marketing Websites for your own business!


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