Best Comment Plugin For WordPress

Best Comment Plugin For WordPress

Best Comment Plugin For WordPress is a new video that I just did to show you the WordPress Comment Plugins that I looked at and what I chose for my blog.  Now when it comes to a WP Comment Plugin – we have several choices.  And I looked at quite a few.

Best Comment Plugin For WordPressBut as you will see in the video below – I wanted to accomplish a few things.  The first thing I wanted to accomplish was to eliminate the SPAM comments that I was getting slammed with.  I mean – I was getting hit with tens of thousands of SPAM comments.

So I wanted to stop that!

Next – I wanted real people and relevant comments – meaning comments that had something to do with my posts and pages.  And to accomplish that – typically you need people who are not afraid to put their real name next to the comment.

And third – well I wanted to get more traffic from the comments.  Now stop and think about that for a second.  Typically when someone posts a comment – that will do nothing for you when it comes to getting more traffic.

But I love leverage – so that was on my mind when I set out to find the Best Comment Plugin For WordPress.  And this WP Comment Plugin also can get you more traffic for your blog.  So check out the video!

Best Comment Plugin For WordPress Video

Click here to see the article that I mentioned that had the Top 5 WordPress Comment Plugins.

Click here if you wanted to see the page that I showed on the video as an example called How To Get YouTube Views.

Click here if you wanted to see the sample page I showed on the video called Training Courses On How To Get Leads.

Well I truly hope that this video helps you make a decision about the WordPress Comment Plugins that are available.  And who knows – maybe you will agree with me and what I chose.

Because when I think of the Best Comment Plugin For WordPress – I think of the one plugin that not only stops the SPAM – and get’s me real comments from real people – but also the one type of plugin that can get us more traffic too!

I wish you the very best of success in your business – what ever that may be.  And if this Best Comment Plugin For WordPress video helped you – please leave me a comment below.  I would greatly appreciate it!

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