Chat is our new feature that allows you to stop in and ask questions or just say whut up. I have always been a fan of being available for me team mates.  And  – also being there for new people who have questions.

Chat_RoomSo here it is – our Chat Room!  A place where you can just stop in and get quick answers.  Or just get to know some new people.

Now I am not sure if you know this or not – but I have quite a few websites.  And on 3 of them – I also had a chat room.

So I decided to combine all of them together into one chat room.  That way we could have a higher quality room – and with better features as well.

In addition – we also just started our best website yet!  And that website will probably take up the majority of my time that I have allocated for building websites.

So – wait til you see it!  Because this new site is actually being built for people just like you.  That’s right…….you will actually be able to build your business…….with our new site!

Anyway……click on the button below……and you will be taken to our brand new site.  And – to our brand new and improved room!

So come on in and check out the new room and also say hi!  I would love to get to know you and help you in any way possible.

Oh and by the way…….I am sometimes in and out of the room a couple of times during the day.  But there are others who hang out with me.  So if I am not there at the moment when you come in……just hang out for a while or at least come back again.

Because I would love to meet you!

Chat Room

Chat Room On Dave

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