Company Review Tip – MLSP Team Hangout

Company Review Tip – MLSP Team Hangout that will help you bang out more content with less work.  And also how to make a short niche site cash machine.

Now don’t freak out when you see how long this video is.  The first 45 minutes or an hour is where all the meat is.  And then we had some late comers and when the questions started coming in – well the rest just added a lot more minutes to the video.

So – we all know that a lot of MLM’ers and affiliate marketers do reviews on other companies – in order to expose new folks to their own opportunity.  And it is very effective.  Anyway check out this video and see a Company Review Tip that can help you save some time and work.

Company Review Tip – Use An Image For Some Of Your Benefits List

To see the blog post that I was showing on the hangout – with the benefits list in image form – click here on Level ONE Network vs My Lead System Pro as a company review tip example.

Now if you are on my team – I already sent you the spreadsheet so you can cheat.  If you are not on my team and want the spread sheet – just email me and ask me for it and I’ll send it right out.

Dave Webber Sig File On MLSP Team Hangout - Company Review Tip