Dave Webber

Dave Webber has created this blog in order to provide a valuable training resource for marketers and people who want to learn how to create an online income.

So who is Dave Webber?

Dave Webber Image On Dave WebberPerhaps more importantly…..can Dave Webber help me make serious money from the internet? And….can he show me how to build my business ….without chasing people and going crazy trying to find visitors, customers or prospects?

Well I am an online marketer that generates a highly targeted automated income, through various strategies.

Now as soon as I stated that…..you most likely got real interested in the automated income part of that sentence didn’t you?

Well if that is the case…….you have come to the right place!

We will talk about the highly targeted automated income in just a minute. And we will also talk about how to get more visitors….more prospects….and more customers……..that come straight to you and to your online business. Like an attraction magnet!!!!

We love attraction marketing here at Dave Webber.com!

I’ll share with you some great strategies for you to finally get a break…..and expose some secrets that the pro’s don’t usually disclose. Why would they? They would be educating their competition right? And when you learn these strategies…..well let’s just say that you will finally learn why some people seem to make so much money. And these people seem to make it automatically too…..like it just comes to them. Now if you think that sounds about right……well that’s because it is true!!

Well first…..let me tell you who Dave Webber is

You see I had a great career and that career came to a screeching halt one day…..and that destroyed me financially. What had happened was totally unexpected…..and if it had happened to you…..well you may have been wiped out too. But for me I got sick one day back in May of 2011. The doctors do not know how I got this infection, they didn’t know where it came from…..and the scary thing was they didn’t know how to fix it!

So I spent 1 1/2 months in the hospital, had two surgeries…..and was on life support and in a coma for 8 days. Oh…..and that tunnel and the light they talk about……it is there…..I saw it!

Anyway this whole ordeal left me disabled for about 12 or 13 months and with NO income!

Ahhhh…..now you see why Dave Webber is driven to automated income streams. And not just one either. I like multiple streams of automated incomes and that’s what this whole site will be about. So stick with me for a little bit.

Dave Webber’s career vs. online marketing

Dave Webber is an aviation consultant in corporate, private and VIP aviation. More specifically, I specialize in the aircraft’s interiors. And that means that all of my clients are VERY wealthy….especially in the VIP market. Those airplanes are airline style airplanes…..but for private use.

Anyway, I do have a lot of marketing and managerial experience. In fact for two different companies, I started departments that became multi-million dollar producers. And I had to teach the employee’s how to do the aircraft interior’s….because they came from other industries.

But I say this because I am NOT a computer geek. Nope….Dave Webber is pretty much an airplane mechanic…..who moved up the ladder a rung or two.

So…..that means if I can do this….so can YOU! Check out this list and see if you are the same kind of person.

Dave Webber:

  1. is open minded
  2. can’t stand giving up or quitting something I started
  3. is teachable….and coach-able
  4. loves to be self employed
  5. believes that I can achieve…..what others have achieved
  6. loves to learn new things….especially how to earn multiple automated income streams.

Now….if you have at least 3 of the same qualities as Dave Webber…..or you are willing to strive to acquire them….well then I can teach you how to turn your annual income…..into a monthly income!

And how long will that take? Well that depends on you and whether or not you will study and apply what you learn. But I can certainly show you shortcuts…..and give you all sorts of resources that took me, a really long time to find. And at the same time, Dave Webber.com will save you thousands of dollars in training costs.

But you can start making money within 90 days….and the income can grow and grow….depending on your willingness to learn. AND……whether or not you learn to duplicate what we share with you!!!

Dave Webber

Now here is the thing…..and a major reason why I started Dave Webber.com. It wasn’t vanity for sure….because I would rather live a sheltered and off the radar kind of life…LOL.

I did it because the internet is very impersonal! And learning something new…..from a mentor……needs to be based on a relationship based on trust. You need to know the person personally. And that is tough on the internet. So if we are going to learn…..we need to know something about the person. We have to get to know them on a personal level.

So when I started Dave Webber.com…..I am putting my name on this information….my reputation…..and everything that I have ever worked for. I am putting it all out there. And I am doing it for the visitors…..people that I do not even know right now….but hopefully they will become friends!

BUT this is a genuine step to help people learn techniques that will help them to earn serious income from the internet……so that they can become financially independent.

How genuine is Dave Webber about this?

Well did you read what happened to me? What would happen to you if you got sick….out of the blue….and it was no fault of yours? What if you were out of work for a year or two…..or three? You see……this was devastating to me. It wiped me out!!! And I know that there are all sorts of people out there that are unemployed or under employed. I get it! And I want to help!

And that’s what we want to do with Dave Webber.com. We want to be part of that solution!

Now during my journey of trying to rebuild my financial well being……I met a guy online. And he has become my mentor. And I am so fortunate to have met him and I have learned so much from him. (Oh yeah….he makes 6 figures per MONTH!)

So now…..I want to pay it forward. I want to share the things that I have learned….with you. But I know the internet is impersonal. So…….I will put my name behind it. And Dave Webber.com is right out there with my personal reputation behind it……….100%.

Alright…..how can Dave Webber help you make money online?

Dave Webber - Earn Money Online

Well I love to teach people and coach them. And with today’s technology we have so many cool tool’s that help us do that so much easier than the old school methods.

As an example…..we can have our own webinar’s any time we want. So we can log on with our own computer and discuss marketing techniques. Or we can learn not only how to create a website or blog…..we can see exactly how to do that, right on the screen. AND we can record it! So we can watch it over and over again……or share them with folks just like us!

This is a really cool tool today……creating….watching and sharing video’s. And because I was taught how important it is to be able to duplicate my own efforts……I teach people to do the same thing. AND I give them my material…..images….and systems, so that they do not have to re-create the wheel.

Do you have any idea how valuable it is…..to have stuff already made for you…..that you can use to make money with right away? Think about that. If I have a video that consistently produces sales….and I gave it to you for free……wouldn’t that be awesome?

Now there are some things that I do that does have the name Dave Webber in it or on it. BUT when ever I can…..I try and produce things that I never mention my name. This way…..my team can use it on their blogs……and THEY get free income from it!

Coming soon to Dave Webber.com…..”Member’s Only” section!

In fact, we will be adding a “Members Only” section on Dave Webber.com for that very purpose. Anyone in our team can just sign in and download or copy things that they can use on their sites! That is so cool!

And the very same systems that I use to earn money online for automated income…..I will share with you. So whether you choose to use them or not is up to you.

Dave Webber - Duplicate for Success

Duplicate for Success

But as you become a regular visitor to Dave Webber.com…..you will find that duplication works! And why in the world do we need to re-create something….that is already in place……..and already working? Duh!

Oh and what can these systems do for you? Well in a typical business…..online or off line…..you have to hunt for customers or prospects. But these systems turns you into the hunted. Customers and prospects hunt for you. They want what you have…..and they want to join you!

It’s called attraction marketing……and if you want sales or more prospects…..this system WORKS!!!

And I will teach you how to do this right here at Dave Webber.com. I will teach you how to use websites, blogs, email and…..systems that are already built for you…..to bring traffic, customers and prospects to you! They will want to join you! And no….you don’t have to do cold calling or any of that old school stuff!!!

The end result? These systems and techniques will prove to be simple, yet effective. And they will use the internet to create multiple streams of income. Delivered right to your bank account!!!!

Here at Dave Webber.com, we believe that success comes from helping others to succeed!

Well as I said before, I love to teach and coach people. And that’s what I want to do with Dave Webber.com. Training and education is what takes us from one level…..up to the next level. And for myself…..I am really fortunate. I found a mentor…..an expert in online marketing. And he teaches and coaches me. Now I know that this is a real blessing for me personally….and I don’t take it for granted….not for one minute.

So I want to share it and spread the wealth so to speak. Now Dave Webber.com is not the run of the mill site or blog. The vision is to make it a warehouse of business building systems and resources. Resources that you can take hold of yourself and run with them. Create your own targeted marketing online business….with an automated income.

And I will be honored to help you on your journey. I take it as a privilege to share with you and help you, coach you…..and be your mentor if you would allow me to do so.

But Dave Webber.com is not a site that is like a curtain…..with some guy behind it….and flipping switches and levers.

I am available by email and by phone when ever my team needs me. I enjoy helping people so please don’t be bashful. This experience of building a great business…..should also be about making new friends….and lasting relationships.

Dave Webber - Team Building

Because the best way to build a lasting business, is for you to build a team of your own. And I will share with you how that can benefit you….and them…..in just a few minutes.

So we hope that Dave Webber.com becomes one of your favorite business building resources. But if you need help…have a question….or just need a little advice, feel free to contact me via email at dave@Dave-Webber.com or call me. Just remember though….the internet makes the world seem small. I live in the North East of the USA. So that is EST and I am usually pretty busy in the mornings. But normally anywhere between 3 PM and 10 PM EST is usually great for me.

And if you need me at a different time because of your time zone….well email me and schedule a time that is good for both of us to talk.

In addition, there is also the Contact Us page on Dave Webber.com….and it’s safe. And we never give out or sell our friends contact information.

A Quick glimpse of Dave Webber and where he came from….

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of building an online….highly targeted marketing business that creates automated incomes….let me give you a snap shot of where Dave Webber came from.

You see, most people are a little curious about the life styles of the rich and famous. So seeing that what I do for the ultra rich has always been fascinating…..let me give you a look into what I have done. And then you will see why…..I strive for automated incomes!!! And not just one income. NO….we want multiple incomes that just flow.

But let’s look at what Dave Webber does first. And this video below will help you realize that there is a whole different life style out there. And the airplanes that I work on…..are like time machines.

Wow huh? What a difference in time….and life style. And I have been in both of those versions. Traveling by airline….taking all day to get some where. Heck….and some 20+ hour days too. And then again…..I have walked out to the ramp and walked up the stairs of a Boeing Business Jet. I have plopped down in my seat in front of the wide screen and kicked off my shoes and put my feet up……with just four of us in the airplane.

How about another glimpse? Somebody that you have heard of. Check this out!

So when Dave Webber said that he works on VIP aircraft….that’s what we mean!

Awesome huh? Well I did not personally work on Mr. Trump’s airplane…..but here is one that I did work on.

Dave Webber - Seat on BBJ

The seat on the right hand side up front, is where I would usually hang out at. In fact you can see my back pack right behind it. It’s great to be able to fly on something like this once in a while. But you get spoiled real quick….LOL!

Well….maybe we’ll give you a couple more pictures…and then we can move on.

Dave Webber - seat on BBJ aft

This is the same seat looking towards the back of the airplane….the dining room section.

Dave Webber - BBJ Office

Here is the office. The table comes out and the Divan or couch….pulls out to make a second bed. Cozy!

Dave Webber - BBJ State Room AFT

This is the stateroom…with a Queen size bed of course….and a private bathroom with a shower. Oh and the wood work looks nice doesn’t it? I hand picked the log for that and we replaced all the wood veneer through out the airplane. Sweet!

Dave Webber - AFT Bathroom on the BBJ

The stateroom lav or bathroom. The airplane has 3 lav’s…..one for the crew up front. One in the mid section….and then a private bath for the bedroom. Two of them had showers.

Dave Webber - BBJ Bed

Seeing that the bed wasn’t made in that airplane…..here is a shot with the bed made in a different airplane. The airplanes were identical….but in the previous pictures, we had just replaced the wood work. This airplane…..the wood had an orange tint to it….and I never liked that. Yeah I know…..picky cabinet maker….LOL!

Well that is what Dave Webber does for a living….besides Online Marketing.

So if I work in a field like this….why would I start Dave Webber.com and get into online marketing. Well the fact is that I have worked really hard in my career. I always worked more over time than anyone else in any company that I worked for. I was always willing to travel on road trips…..and some of those were not exactly fun.

When I compare the effort of my career vs. creating Dave Webber.com…..it seems like child’s play.

But in my career….very long work days were the norm. Now I could tell you that I worked some 32 hour days…..and 16 hour days were common. But you probably wouldn’t believe that someone could be so stupid working that hard. But I did! And I worked more than 1,000 hours of over time several years in a row.

So I am not afraid of work…..and I do possess a very strong work ethic. And again…writing this for Dave Webber.com is like play time or relaxation to me. Certainly not like work.

But check this out. I worked for a company for 9 years and when I say worked…..I worked harder than anyone else there. Hands down! I built a department….an interior shop for them. And we had so many different facility mangers over the years…..so every time you turn around….you have a new boss.

Well one day my facility manager asks me to go into sales and marketing. The problem is….no one ever lasted very long in those positions….so I said no. He was persistent. He told me that sales, was the LIFE BLOOD of the business. And with my experience….I would be perfect for the position.

And I said no. So he asked me….what would it take for you to go into sales and marketing? And my answer was….you would have to pay me a lot of money!

The next day he came to me….and offered me a lot of money….LOL. So….I said yes!

Over the next year and a half I took the interior business from about 1 or 2 million dollars in annual sales…..up to being on track to make 14 to 16 million dollars in sales. Not to shabby!

BUT then he got promoted….because our numbers were doing great. And they hired a new facility manager and on his 2nd day there….he called me into his office and said that he could hire 2 people for what they were paying me.

Dave Webber - Out

Dave Webber – You are out!

Sooooo……a few months later they had a RIF or Reduction in Force. Fancy way of saying….you are out of a job!

And here is the kicker……on my way out of the building I saw a posting for my job on the bulletin board….for $15,000.00 per year less than what I was getting paid. So I guess that sounds great on the books…..because he was saving money on what they were paying me.

But the bad news is that the interior shop dwindled away for that company and instead of hitting the 14 to 16 million dollars in sales……it went to less than 1 million….and today is non existent!

Hey…..at least they saved $15,000.00 per year huh?

So why am I building Dave Webber.com…..and about 18 other blogs? Because they offer me automated income. Because with Dave Webber.com…..I am building a business that will constantly pay me more….and more….and more money every year.

And no genius can pull my career out from under my feet to save a little money on my yearly salary.

Now has anything ever happened to you like that? I hope not. But maybe at the very least, you perhaps do not feel appreciated. Or you don’t have any sense of security. Well…..welcome to Dave Webber.com!!!

Dave Webber discovered that sometimes your financial future needs some help!

Now don’t get me wrong…..I love my career. And if I had a good offer from a good company…..I would go right back to it. I truly loved the work that I was doing.

Besides…..Dave Webber.com and my other blogs….well that’s automatic income. We don’t have to baby sit that income.

But this is just one example of how a career doesn’t quite work out as we expected it to. And that is pretty popular today. Maybe you are now under employed or unemployed yourself.

So what ever your situation is…..we have got to realize that times have changed. Some of this stuff today with the economy, we don’t have any control over.

Naahhhh…..actually we do have some control. But we have to change the way that we look at things. We have to wake up and look at the situation from a big picture perspective!

Watch this video quick. And think about your parents and your grand parents and how they made a living. Then think of how you make a living….and what sort of financial hope you have for your future!

Hmmmmm……now that does make you think a little. Is your current career banging it out of the park for you……as far as your financial future is concerned?

Dave Webber got floored at this scene….and vowed….”that can not happen to me”!

Here is something that keeps me thinking about finances and what the future can hold for us. If we don’t do something about it, that is.

My grandfather retired at 55 years old…..and so did my father. But when my father was 69 years old…..he had cancer….and was looking for a part time job. Why? Because he goofed when planning his retirement. He forgot about the government devaluing the dollar in order to try and stay competitive in a global market. You see….you need more money than you think you do, in order to retire. That little thing called “Cost of Living”…..can fake you out!

Anyway on his death bed he apologized to me and my brother…..and told us….”I’m sorry but you will have to take care of your mother”. And the despair on his face…..it blew me away………because he was leaving the love of his life…..financially dependent on her children.

Now I swore that wouldn’t happen to me. Then in May of 2011 I found myself in a hospital bed. No one said I was dying……but I knew things were not looking good. No one told me that I was on life support and in a coma for 8 days. But I knew that one day I felt good. And the next day I felt like death was chasing me down. And all of a sudden I couldn’t get out of bed or even walk.

It’s a weird feeling when a nurse asks you to take a walk……and then she is grabbing onto you and telling you that she isn’t feeling the love…..as she is trying to hold up a much bigger human as he wobbles and sways back and forth. And what a weird feeling…..when your head says that you can do something….but your body refuses to listen….LOL!

Despair came to visit Dave Webber that day!

And that day I realized what my father felt like! I laid in bed staring at the wall……and realizing that I screwed up big time. And I would leave my wife in a financial mess…..unless I got a second chance at life. And if I did get a second chance…..I had better find a new way of earning an income! Because I knew I couldn’t work 16 hour days anymore!!!

Now laying in bed while I was in the hospital was bad. But I had no idea…..that it would take me a year to recuperate. I had to learn how to walk all over again. And the 80 pounds I lost while in the hospital…..was apparently all muscle. So I now had plenty of time to think about how I would make a living. AND how I could generate more income than what we needed.

Dave Webber was now on a mission!!! I wanted automated income…..income that would keep coming even if something happened to me. I no longer wanted to make sure my wife was financially taken care of…..I wanted surplus for my kids….and their kids!!!

Dave Webber.com is for learning how to achieve financial independence…..for you and your family!

It is my mission to show as many people as I can….a proven way to create Internet Marketing Success. We will do this through Dave Webber.com by sharing knowledge and Systems that generate Multiple Streams of Automated Online Income!

Dave Webber - BlueprintAnd what my mentor has shared with me has proven to me, that anyone who wants to learn how to make an automated income….can do this. IF they are willing to be coach-able and follow a blueprint for success….that is!

So if a person invests the time and energy now……your whole future will change. And then you won’t have to be like my father at the end of his life. Or like me when I was laying in that hospital bed.

Well before I decided to start Dave Webber.com, I had built quite a few websites and blogs. Most were specialized and they pretty much spread out my efforts. Looking back on them, it seemed to be feeble attempts of putting knowledge into motion. And yet….success was fleeting.

But as my mentor has shown me what he has learned….and how the results have brought him huge amounts of success….I realized I made some mistakes a long the way. And that’s cool. That’s how we learn and when we learn from experience…..we never forget the lessons.

Dave Webber.com has come to be because I learned that I was spinning my wheels!

You see he and I studied the same things. We both studied copy writing and we both studied Search Engine Optimization. And we both learned how to build websites and blogs.

But he studied how to automate his business. He learned how to build a system….OR use a system that already worked for his mentor!!!!

And me…..well I was always doing things myself and leading the pack so to speak……so I kind of missed out on the “following” part of the formula. In addition, both of us had gotten into Network Marketing at some point along the way.

Now don’t freak out…..I am not in Network Marketing anymore!!!! Don’t get me wrong…..I love the concept, I really do. BUT it really doesn’t work for the average person. Typically….97% fail to make money at it.

So that thing called duplication……yeah…..that is missing somewhere in there.

Dave Webber - Missing Piece of the Puzzle

And that was what I was missing. A HUGE piece of the puzzle. I was missing an automated system for sure…..but I was doing everything myself. I needed to use what the pro’s were using.

I needed to duplicate….what they already learned!

I needed to stop playing around trying to do what I thought I needed to do…..and start doing what I knew had already worked.

Now I mentioned that besides Dave Webber.com, I have about 18 other blogs. Well some of them are useless. And some are distractions. And quite frankly…..I have spent a lot of work on them already….LOL….a lot of man hours.

So some of them I will go back and super charge them with some new systems. And others I will just ignore. BUT I do not want any of my team members to waste their time on futile attempts. So what ever I have learned so far….and everything I learn in the future….will be on Dave Webber.com.

I need Dave Webber.com to bring you strategies and systems to help you find Financial Independence!!

This will save you SO MUCH TIME…..and THOUSANDS of dollars! And when you learn how to build a site that really works….a site that reaches a highly targeted audience of steady flowing traffic……you will almost taste success. And then…..you will put into motion a cookie cutter system that makes you the hunted. It will turn your site into a magnet….and people will want to join you and what you are doing!

And if that wasn’t cool enough…..you could then do it over and over and over again!!!

Now if that sounds great…..and you can just picture an automated income……flowing into your bank account…..well then we are starting to be on the same page. We are starting to have some things in common. And I am sure that you will love what we have planned for Dave Webber.com.

But first……I have to ask. Have you ever had a business of your own? Have you ever taken the step…..to try something like this? And maybe you have…..but it didn’t quite work out for you.

Well we have to develop a mindset and a driving force that makes us strive towards the goal line. But that usually doesn’t happen unless we have something inside our belly that makes us want it really bad.

Do you have that burning desire to build a business of your own? Do you really, really want your own online business? One that creates a residual…..automated income stream?

GREAT!!! Well let’s keep going then!

Now most of the time – people start out in Direct Sales or maybe even Network Marketing.  But….A LOT of things have changed. So if you are in Network Marketing…..that’s great. Our systems can help you get prospects looking for you…AND your organization can get the same results. So duplication is possible after all. After all…..when most of your recruits run out of family and friends….their business usually ends.

But if you are not into Network Marketing…..hold onto your hat. Because things have changed a lot since Robert made that video. And changed for the better too!!!

I am not! And things have changed and I have nothing against people in network marketing at all. BUT I am into automated income….and true duplication. So if you don’t like network marketing……that’s okay…..stick with me. I want to show you what this is really all about!

Dave Webber.com is all about Attraction Marketing….that is Highly Targeted!

Dave Webber.com will teach you our systems. So no cold calling! No chasing friends! No chasing family! And Dave Webber.com will teach you to build a business online with no home or hotel meetings!!!!

They are built purely by automated online marketing systems. This is what we use….and this is what we teach you. This allows the highest form of leverage and gives you the potential to build an online income very quickly!

Dave Webber.com will also show you how to hook into internet marketing education and support teams….from the very best and most successful online marketers. And this is in addition to having me helping you every step of the way…..and my mentor too!

We operate as a team…..and actually more like a big family. Maybe that sounds corny, but there is a certain joy that comes from helping others succeed. And we become friends….and hang out together!

So think of Dave Webber.com as a new gateway to a community of online pro’s and marketing experts.

Here at Dave Webber.com…..we believe in MULTIPLE Incomes!

Now if you ever lost a job……you will immediately agree with our philosophy…..that more is better. I was taught by a wise man that your family income is like a bar stool. That means that it is a real balancing act to have one income. Which of course is like sitting on a bar stool with one leg.

Even if you went out and got a second job….that’s still like two legs on a bar stool. It creates a lot of stress paying unexpected bills. And forget about saving for the future. But at Dave Webber.com we build multiple income streams. So now if you had four income streams coming in and then you lost one…..well no big deal!

Now that may sound difficult…or maybe like it will require more effort. Well it doesn’t!

In fact many times, the income streams work off of each other. So you may be just starting out with one system…..but it creates customers or prospects that will want something else that you also have….automatically.

Don’t worry…..I’ll show you and you will probably get one of those ah ha moments. And then you will realize how these big shots make so much money….or they make it look so darn easy. But Dave Webber.com will expose that. LOL……this is going to be so much fun!

So Dave Webber.com does not believe in putting all your eggs in one basket!  Multiple incomes are the way to go!

And it also means that when we choose a program to work with….our profits must be meaningful. There are a lot of methods we can use to make money online……but they are not worth my time in my opinion. We want leverage and we want profits that can build quickly to replace a full time income as quickly as possible. And not just for the pro…..but also for the average person that is willing to learn.

Another reason is because some people gravitate towards certain products or programs that they either like or get excited about. So if you have one program…..and the prospect doesn’t like that program…..you lose them.

But Dave Webber.com offers multiple programs and systems. And everyone will love some of them. And to us…..all we care about is that you do find something that you love. Also – something that you can achieve success with because you get excited about it.

And don’t feel overwhelmed. We teach you and coach you to master one program. Then add another program or system to your arsenal of income generators. And then……another one. Each one building your business bigger and bigger!

An additional reason why I like multiple incomes is that we may be with a great company – even have a great job. But stuff happens. And you just never know what will change. The company may change management. The company could get bought out. Heck maybe it is a great company but then one day you find out somebody embezzled funds or something.

The fact of the matter is you just never know. So we at Dave Webber.com believe in having multiple income streams. Some can be big. And then maybe a few of them are small – but they add up. So Dave Webber.com believes in income diversification.

Besides – in modern affiliate programs, most of the times it doesn’t take any additional effort at all. Maybe just placing an additional ad on the side bar of your blog – can yield an additional income stream.

Dave Webber.com loves K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I have spent my career working for millionaires and billionaires. And one of the things that amazed me when talking with these folks, is that many times, what they did to amass their fortune was actually a simple concept or product. And what made them wealthy was that they kept on course – never gave up – and they kept it simple.

Dave Webber - Never Give UpAt Dave Webber.com we believe the same philosophy. You do not need a fancy website. Nope – you need traffic. You do not need to know all sorts of techno babble stuff. Nope – you just need a good system. And Dave Webber.com believes – Never Give Up!

This picture to the left – you need to print it out and put it on your computer monitor. Because this is exactly how it is when you get into online marketing or become a blogger.

We just do the same thing day after day. We blog! And some of these blog posts hit the mother load! In fact I have one site where almost half of all of the traffic – comes from one single post.

So we at Dave Webber.com believe that we need to keep on keepin’ on. Keep It Simple Stupid (excuse the French) and then just keep doing that. And then growth happens and bam!

But if you quit – you may have missed the mother load by one more post. Or as soon as you quit – some of your blog posts hit the front page. So we do our due diligence and if we get into a program where we believe it has a sound foundation, a quality product and a great compensation plan – well we stick with it. And we keep it simple.

What does that mean for you? Well if we at Dave Webber.com keep it simple – you can easily copy what we do!

Work with Dave Webber at Dave Webber.com

So by now you must want to take a look at some of the programs and systems that we use at Dave Webber.com. We will list them on Work With Dave found on the menu bar or by clicking here on Work With Dave .

We will also come back to this page to add more links to pages through out Dave Webber.com to make them easy to find.

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