Dave Webber’s Level ONE Network Review

Dave Webber’s Level ONE Network Review

Dave Webber‘s Level ONE Network Review is his latest and newest blog. Dave Webber’s Level ONE Network Review blog is dedicated to getting you answers fast!

You know that here at Dave Webber.com, we love systems that can create automated income from the internet.  The potential is huge because we can Highly Target specific groups of visitors – and reap profits for years to come.  And all automated too!

Dave Webber's Automated Income Systems

Well just two weeks ago, Dan Miller unveiled Level ONE Network and I was so humbled that I was actually invited to the first night for his unveiling.  And I am so impressed!

You see I have built websites and blogs for about 8 or 9 years now.  So I really do know how tough it is to get on the front pages of the Search Engine Results Pages.

But knowing what I have learned over the years – and then seeing what Dan Miller did with Level ONE Network – WOW!  And I jumped in 5 minutes after the webinar ended too!

Dave Webber.com reveals critical facts about Level One Network here and on Level ONE Network Review!

Let’s look at what Dave Webber.com thinks is so critical for our readers to know about –  before they look at Level ONE Network:

Your Own Personal Blogging System

Dave Webber's Level ONE Network Review BlogThis system is pre-made and ready to go!  So whether you are a brand new Blogger or a seasoned pro – it is ready to start blogging immediately! And it is so easy too!  If you can post a comment on Facebook or MySpace – you can do this!!

Main Page Exposure On The Network Every Time You Blog

No JOKE!  Most systems that are on a network, you are hidden off the main page.  So the only way that you can be found is by the search engine itself – maybe.  But on Level ONE Network when a visitor comes to the home page or looks at the Directory – they can find you too!  So YOU get MORE traffic!!  This system is made FOR the Blogger!

SEO Designed Category System That Produces Results

Dave Webber.com LOVES THIS!  We get into blogging and online marketing to create an automated income.  But that only works if we get found!  Check out a screen shot of the categories and see how the visitors can find you so easy.  Pick a category that you may be passionate about and imagine a customer seeing that category and clicking on it.  And there you are!  FOUND!  Ha, ha, ha…..I love this system, I really do.  Check it out

Dave Webber - Level ONE Network Categories1Dave Webber - Level ONE Network Categories2

 Dave Webber - Level ONE Network Categories3Now it’s not just the humans that love this.  This system makes it so easy for the search engines to find the latest, greatest and newest information for the internet searchers.  And for us – it is really powerful stuff!  We get found!

Inclusion Into The Network RSS Feeds As Well

Dave Webber.com - about RSSTalk about search engine and follower friendly – we are no longer hidden behind the curtain of the main domain.  Our blogs on the system are linked right into the RSS Feeds as well.  Again – I know I am starting to sound like a broken record – but we get FOUND!  I mean isn’t that the whole point of us blogging?

Weekly Live Training Showing You Exactly What To Do

Dave Webber.com Loves TrainingNow here at Dave Webber.com – we are really big on training.  And Dan Miller has built multi million dollar businesses online already.  And seeing that we already have had experience with some of Dan’s training – well we sort of knew what we would get.  But he surprised even us.

He covers things in the basic live trainings that you just can’t learn anywhere else.  Well unless you have a personal mentor.  Because most of these guys keep this stuff real close to the chest.  Tribal knowledge type of stuff.  So Dave Webber.com is going to teach you things that will make you say wow.  But heck even if we didn’t, which we will – but Dan Miller is letting it all out with the live trainings.  I am expecting a whole brand new group of online marketers getting into the 7 figure income range really soon!

A Complete Marketing System Already Built In

Dave webber talks Marketing


Now you may only be getting to know us a little at Dave Webber.com, but we just love automation.  Hey why not?  Would you rather work and sweat all day or sit on a beach when you feel like it?  Strain your eyes on the computer or play with the kids? Well Level ONE Network is designed by a guy who gets automation and the Marketing System is all set up and ready to go.  All you have to do is get in.

Premier Products That No Other System Can Provide

Here at Dave Webber.com  – we get real frustrated when companies offer products that are nothing but recordings or videos of a bunch of guys telling you how they made so much money by talking people into buying stuff.  I remember taking a real estate course once.  And then I found out that this guru who was selling this “how to make a fortune investing in real estate” course – was asking for help from his friends so he could pay his electric bill.

Dave Webber - Level ONE Network Review shows Premium ProductsWell the Premium Products from Level ONE Network are not worth what they are sold for.  NOPE not at all!  They are worth so much more!   They actually help you build your business – instead of just rah – rah ego boosting hype.  Dave Webber No HypeThey add income to your marketing business.  And the training he offers in his advanced series – man you can’t get anyone to talk about this stuff, never mind teach it to you.

But Dan told us the other night that he already has made million dollar internet companies and this one is for the average person.  He told us flat out – he is going to teach us all of it.

And that is one more reason why Dave Webber.com loves this company – and we created Level ONE Network Review.  We wanted to make sure that people learn the facts!


Sorry about the shouting and the red letters – but do you have any idea what this is worth?  If you are a brand new blogger and get in this company really soon – you will get money for free!  Dan is taking all the new affiliates that want to join Level ONE Network from his national advertising campaign that kicks off on March 15th – and he is giving those new people to us.  Those of us who got in early.  Last night he told us – he would do that for one year.

So we don’t know exactly how many people will want to join.  And here at Dave Webber.com – we have never claimed to be a rocket scientist.  But if there are about 1,000 affiliates in the company today – and 10,000 people want to join from the advertising campaign – uh – well do the math!

Dave Webber and Level ONE Network Review - Free Money

FREE MONEY for a limited time only!

What if 50,000 people wanted to join?  You see we don’t know how many will actually want to join this year.  But it really doesn’t matter if you get in early.  Because YOU WILL get some free affiliates – and free money.  So when you are trying to figure out if $29.00 per month is worth it – and you are  taking days trying to decide if this is for you, well you need to get your answers quickly!  This is one of those times when you wish you were in the right place at the right time – and then discover – YOU ARE HERE!

100 Percent Pay Outs Without Waiting 30 – 60 – 90 Days

When we buy the license for the system, we then get the resale rights to the license.  What is a license?  Well when you buy adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office – you are buying the license to use the software.  Well when you buy this pre-made blogging system, you then get the rights to resell it as an affiliate of the company.  You can sell as many or as few licenses as you wish.

Dave Wewbber.com Talks about 100 Percent CommissionsBUT you have the right to resell it and you get to keep 100% of the sale.  Now when the person who bought it from you gets the system – they now have the right to resell it as well.

And if you have you r own merchant account so you can process credit cards you can link it to Level ONE Networks merchant service provider.  If you don’t have a merchant account you can apply for one.  AND – if you don’t want to apply for one – you can get paid by check.  So folks with a merchant account get paid immediately.  And folks who get paid by check – we get paid weekly!!!  Awesome! (insert singing here!)

LOL….none of this garbage waiting until next month to get paid for sales you made this month.  Nope!  You make sales this week – you get paid next week.

Now – see why Dave Webber.com loves this company?  And why we created Level ONE Network Review?  We think it is critical for people to get involved with this company.  Because this one is a keeper!

And then there is even more – but you can find out more at Dave Webber’s new blog – Level ONE Network Review!

Therre is actually more but hey – I was supposed to only be introducing you to Level ONE Network Review.  So – let’s get you over there right now!

You can visit Dave Webber’s new Level ONE Network Review by Clicking Here !

Dave Webber's Level ONE Network Review





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