Free Video Recording Software

Free Video Recording Software that is simple to use and yet gives you awesome quality.  And did I mention that this video recording software is easy to use?  Yeah I did but it is really worth mentioning more than once.

Free Video Recording SoftwareLet’s face it – we can easily go out and plunk down $300.00 or more for some software that will allow us to make our own videos and edit them.

But – that can be really intimidating to a new marketer.  How ever –  this free video recording software is very easy to use and in fact – I bet any new marketer could punch out a new video very easily.  Even on their first try!

Now to really illustrate how easy this free video recording software is to use – and to be a little more efficient in showing you how it works – I made a short video that will walk you through the application.

And as a special bonus – I have left a link down below the video that will give you access to a pre-recorded webinar on how two of my buddies are making a killing using YouTube.

But first – check out the video and see how easy this software is to use.  And also check out the quality of the video itself – because I used this free video recording software to make the video.  This way – you can be the judge as to how good the quality is when we make a video using this app.

Free Video Recording Software Video

 See?  Real easy to use – and the free video recording software also has a Pro Version – but it is so cheap!

Now – seeing that this software is free – and so easy to use – can’t you just picture yourself making some videos of your own?

And did you know that videos convert about 7 times more than printed content – like a blog post?

And personally I think that number is low.  You see when experts study how people react to a conversation – they find that only 7% of what people get out of the conversation is from the words themselves.

Yeah – 93% comes from your tone and your energy.  So making videos can really boost your ability to teach, to sell – and how many leads that you can get for your business.

So I promised you that I would give you access to a free webinar and now that you have access to free video recording software – you may really like this free webinar.

Click here on Free YouTube Webinar to check it out.  It is just below the short sales intro video – but I assure you – it is free and you will get a lot out of it.

And then – well heck – down load your free video recording software and try it out!


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