How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom can be a tricky thing.  It may sound simple and certainly there would seem to be a lot of options out there.  But in real life – a lot of things which seem to be good ways to make money from home – turn out to be duds.  Heck – a lot of the ways to make money – will actually cost you money in the long run.

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home MomSo what types of ways are there for mom’s to work from home.  Well immediately we think of home party plans at first.  And although these types of businesses may get you out of the house for a little break with adults – and maybe even make you a few dollars here and there – you can’t really make a lot of money.

And the reason for that is first of all – you can only fit so many people in a living room.  Second – you can only do so many parties in a week.  But the biggest reason why you will never make a lot of money with a home party plan is – because there is no leverage.

All the work and all of the rewards or profits – come only from your direct labor.  And because of the two previous reasons – you will always be limited in how much money you can make for each hour that you work.

But if you had more leverage – you would also earn from other people’s labor.  And that would get your income per hour up beyond what you yourself could earn on your own.

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom – Sometimes Means MLM or Network Marketing

Then of course the next thing after a Home Party Plan would be an MLM or Network Marketing.  Now with those types of programs – you at least have the potential to gain leverage.  But once again – it also opens the doors to costing you money each month – instead of making money each month.  And of course I say that because you usually have to accomplish a certain amount of personal sales volume every month.

Make Money Working From HomeNow if the products are awesome – well then it may be something that you look forward to each month.  But – we are talking about this topic of – How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom.

And the keywords in that topic are – How To Make Money!  So typically – with any MLM or Network Marketing business – we make a small percentage of a lot of people – and their sales volume.

So the income may start out slow – because our team happens to be small – and our sales volume isn’t that high yet.

But – if we are spending money every month on things that may be non-essential – well we are sort of sabotaging ourselves along the way.  In other words – we are spending our money as fast or even faster than we are earning it.

So when we think of making money from home – we should consider a few things.  First – how much is this business going to cost me up front?  How much is this business going to cost me on a monthly basis?  And – how much money can I make?  And that in and of itself is a two part question.  Because if we break it down it should be – how much money can I make in the beginning?  And then how much money can I make when my team starts to really grow?

You know – a potential long term income.  What would that be?

Then when we consider once again – an MLM or Network marketing – we have to be honest with ourselves.  We have to look at the statistics.  And those statistics tell us that very few people actually ever make any serious money in MLM or Network Marketing.

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom – And Not Become A Bad Statistic

So if we want to make money from home – and we choose something like an MLM or Network Marketing – how can we make money – and be up in the top 5% of all the people who try this form of a business?  Or maybe I should re-phrase that question the other way around.  How can we make money and not be like the 95% that never make any serious money?

Statistics On How To Make Money As A Stay At Home MomAnd we have to think like that if we truly want to make money – and not just become another statistic!  So why is it that the majority of folks fail to make money in MLM or Network Marketing?

Well the first reason and the biggest reason is that statistics actually show us that the majority of people never sponsor more than 2 people into their MLM.  And the reason for that is they don’t like sales – and sponsoring is like sales.

In addition – they do not yet have the confidence or experience to be effective when talking to people.  So it’s kind of like the old cart before the horse deal.

IF they had experience and had a huge organization – they would have the confidence to talk to people – and sponsor them.  And if someone said “NO” to them……they being already experienced with a growing down line – would just happily move on to the next prospect.

But that’s not the case.  Typically they have no one in their team.  So it’s very difficult to talk to people and sponsor someone – when you don’t have any success yet.  Hence – the statistic of the average person never sponsoring more than two people.  And if they did sponsor two people – those two people would most likely quit – because they don’t like sales either – and – they can’t get two people either.

And this scenario repeats itself over and over again – and thus prevents many stay at home moms from making money.  They try and try.  They add people – and then people quit so they lose people.  And it becomes a vicious cycle of addition and subtraction.

And that serious income becomes very elusive.  So – how do we fix that?

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom – And Turn The Tables On Statistics

What would we need to make money from home – and become successful – and not spend money every month just for that privilege?

And – we want leverage because that’s a key element that helps us make a lot more money – than we could ever make if we just got paid by the hour.  So – how could we get that leverage and yet – get past the statistics that come with MLM and Network Marketing?

Well let’s design a business.  Let’s list the things that we need – so we can stay at home with our kids – and make money from home.

First – it should be free to start this business.  We want to make money and save money – not spend money.  So this business should be free to start.

Next – we shouldn’t have to spend money every single month just to stay qualified or for the privilege to build a business.  And if we don’t want to spend money on products if we don’t want to – we shouldn’t be required to do so.

And then finally – if we are going to enjoy leverage – how can we do it with average people?  How can we sponsor average people who we know will only sponsor maybe one or two people – and yet succeed?  And if we did sponsor average people – how can we get the cart behind the horse?  You know – help them get the experience and confidence – even before they build a large team of their own?

Ha, ha, ha……..and right about now you are thinking that this isn’t possible.  It sounds good in theory.  But this design of the perfect business isn’t going to ever happen in real life.

Or – can it really happen?

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom – In Possibly The Perfect Business

So after losing almost every single thing that I ever worked for – and losing my business because of an unexpected health event – I found myself NEEDING to make money while working from home.  And for me – it wasn’t something I would like to do.  It was something that I HAD TO DO – OR DIE!

And this is what I finally found!

Top Affiliate Program Winner On How To Make Money As A Stay At Home MomI finally found a business that was free to build.  Now – how can it be free?  Well it is an affiliate program – and affiliate programs in their purest forms – are free.

So if I wanted to promote products on let’s say Amazon dot com – it would be free to become an affiliate.  And so it is with the company that I now work with.

Well – what about paying monthly – to stay qualified?  Nope…..and again – it’s free to build a business.  So you don’t have to pay something every month – because it’s an affiliate program – and not an MLM or a normal type of Network Marketing program that you may be familiar with.

Okay – then how about having to buy products every month?  And once again – it’s affiliate marketing and we get paid for performance.  The more we promote this program – the more that other people buy the products – the more we get paid.  But we have zero obligation to buy anything at anytime.

Now that sounds great up to now – except with an MLM or Network marketing company – we could get leverage.  We could sponsor people and earn from their group sales as well.  So – what about this so called perfect company and leverage.

Okay – here’s where it get’s cool.  Even though it’s an affiliate program – we can sponsor people and earn off of their sales volume as well.  In fact – this company did something totally crazy because their long term goals are to have millions of affiliates.  And the only way that would ever happen – is for them to design the compensation plan to make it possible for each and every affiliate – to succeed.

So – they pay us 7 different ways.  5 of those 7 ways are totally free to us and do not require us to pay anything.  In addition – they created two different sales organizations – within the same compensation plan.  Anyway the first one is a straight up affiliate program – with the exception that we get paid on the sales volume of the people we sponsor.  AND – we also get paid on the sales volume of the people that our people sponsor etc.

Then for those two methods of getting paid that are optional – there is actually a second organization.  And this my friend is pure genius!  You see – they leave it up to us as far as how we would like to build this organization.  And if you are experienced an any way in MLM or Network Marketing – you will flip your lid over this one specific detail.

Build Straight Down On How To Make Money As A Stay At Home MomYou see they give us an option to build STRAIGHT DOWN.  That means when you sponsor a person – if you select this method of building your team – they would go under you.  BUT – whether you sponsor the next person – or your team mate does – the next person goes below your person.  And who ever sponsors the next person – their person will go to the bottom.  So in effect – you are building your team straight down.

Now maybe the light bulb didn’t go off for you yet – so let me show you what the big deal is here.  Remember when we showed you that 95% of the people fail to ever make a serious income?  Remember we talked about average people not being able to sponsor more than two people?

That happens because – they don’t YET have the experience of a growing down line.  It happens because these average people have never tasted success and therefore do not have the confidence.  BUT when we build straight down – everyone succeeds.  Everyone shares in success and everyone shares in the profits.

I mean you could have ten people above you when you first join the business – and if each one of them sponsored one more person – you would now have ten people below you.  Can you picture that in your mind?

Well – what if there was 100 people above you?  What if each of them sponsored 1 more person that month?  What of there was 1,000 people above you?  Are you starting to see the power of building straight down?

EVERYONE helps each other make money.  EVERYONE helps each other succeed!

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom – FINALLY!

Now – remember when I said that the company gives us this option?  Well here’s the sad thing.  Many people in this business don’t understand how powerful this strategy is.  And most of them – never select to build straight down.  They think it’s just a mix of an affiliate program and an MLM.  So unfortunately – they can’t build a team as fast as a team like ours can.  Because we get it!

The Perfect Work From Home Business On How To Make Money As A Stay At Home MomOh yeah – and I forgot to mention that they pay down through infinity.  So when we build straight down – there is no bottom!

In addition – we have a business that’s free to join because it’s not an MLM – it’s an affiliate program.  We never have to buy anything – again because it’s an affiliate program and not an MLM.  We don’t have to reach monthly quota’s – or have monthly auto ships.

AND – we can gain the leverage of not only building a team – we can go straight down.  And that blows that statistic of people only being able to sponsor 1 or 2 people – out of the water.

Because everyone can help each other succeed.  And because people don’t usually quit a program that’s free – and especially when they have a growing down line……so you can forget about that traditional drop out rate.

It’s gone!

So there you go!  If you’re asking that question: “How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom” – this is how you can do exactly that.

Oh – and you are probably wondering – well what the heck is the product?  Do people want this product?

LOL – everyone wants this product!  Here – check out this video – and then check out what the company gives you.  And -see what our team offers you as well.

Then at the bottom – I have what may be a little startling bit of information for you.  So check out the video.

How To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom – This Is How! [VIDEO]

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