Lead System Biz Our New Site For Our New Biz

Lead System Biz Our New Site For Our New Biz

Lead System Biz Our New Site For Our New Biz is totally devoted to sharing the many benefits and some of the training that is offered by My Lead System Pro.  It is yet one more of our “niche” sites – but because of recent upgrades within the My Lead System Pro program – this site has pushed to the forefront of all of our niche sites.

97 Percent Fail_MLSPYou see many programs – whether they be Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and even Home Party Programs – well you can make some extra money from home.  But most of them actually will take you 5 to 7 years to build a rock solid income.

Well for the longest time – My Lead System Pro has just been an educational platform with a kick butt marketing system built in.  But income producing – well it hasn’t been the greatest.  In fact they even marketed it as a “funded proposal” – which means it paid for itself but did not have the potential to make really big money with it.

And actually – it was never designed to do that anyway.  It was designed to help you build leads for your other business that you were in.  But all of that has changed!

Lead System Biz Shares The New My Lead System Pro Mastery

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) created the new Mastery Level to recreate their program and totally do away with that old fashioned – “funded proposal” terminology because now a member can make a fantastic income from MLSP.  In fact – what they did just revolutionized the entire industry with ground breaking commissions!

Overnight they have taken an educational platform – with a phenomenal marketing system and turned it into the perfect home business.  And not just a home business for  people looking to make a few hundred dollars per month either.  I mean the type of income that you would hope to get with your four year degree – if you could get a job that is.

Lead System Biz Income PotentialThe type of income that you can now make with MLSP is the equivalent of what Doctors and Lawyers get – by itself.  Now of course – I am sure that Doctors and Lawyers will see the value in this program so that they could make a second income – just like what they already make.

And even better is this – it is an automated income!  That’s right – because of this very deep and totally inter linking marketing system – the business that you can build with MLSP is automated.  Just add traffic!

But there is one thing about this system – it is deep!  And many brand new people get in and get over whelmed and confused so they bail out.  And way before they ever fully understand how powerful it is.  In fact – that sort of happened with me.  I joined on February 13th, 2013 but then had also joined another program on February 25th, 2013.  And as I started to go through the set up – I just got frustrated and told myself that I don’t have time for this.  Plus – I was really focused in on building the other new program.

Now I didn’t quit – I just put it on the back burner.  Then the other company that I was building had plateaued and I really needed more leads to get it going and growing bigger – so I returned to MLSP to see if I could do something with this marketing system.

And then the light bulb lit up!

Lead System Biz Turned On Too

Well a couple of things happened when the light bulb lit up.  First – I saw that this marketing system was so awesome – and I personally could never even begin to build something like it myself.  And that’s good because I don’t have to.  Second – I realized how much money people could make with this new MLSP Mastery Level – and also how much I could make.

So this secondary program – became my primary program over night.  But the third thing that lit up was that as I build a team with MLSP – they will need help setting this system up – and getting the full potential out of it.  And even people considering joining MLSP – well they will need to know that they can get support and coaching every step of the way.

And that’s where Lead System Biz comes in!  Lead System Biz will be a learning site and teach people how to get the absolute most out of MLSP.  It will also host a lot of videos – and a lot of training courses.

In addition – our team will be able to access team training within the site – and people who are on other teams who are not getting our kind of support – well they can get some training here too.  Because above all of the income potential and lead generating system potential – My Lead System Pro is a community of really great hearted people.  So we will also extend our hand out to the community as well.

Now Lead System Biz may be new – but it is already climbing the ranks on the search engines.  And as we promote it actively – now that the foundation has been built – we expect it to be a real crowd pleaser!

Grow Your Income With Lead System BizSo if you are looking to get your current home business – or your income to grow bigger – Lead System Biz will be for you!  It will be a site for learning the ins and outs of MLSP.  BUT remember – Lead System Biz will host a lot of free training about getting leads, search engine optimization, Facebook and YouTube – I mean you name it – Lead System Biz will have it!

And even if you have tried a home business or a Network Marketing or MLM before – and you couldn’t make any real money – you need to visit Lead System Biz.

Because MLSP is not like any other program out there and in fact – it fixes the reason why you failed!  Ooops – did I offend you?  Well it shouldn’t because 95% to 97% of the human population are not cut out for doing sales.  So if you joined something and couldn’t do it – it’s not your fault!

But Lead System Biz will teach you how MLSP does all of the sales FOR YOU!  That’s right!  And even though I have done sales and marketing – I know that I can do so much better when I only have to wear one hat.  So I am so happy that they do the sales – and I do the promoting.

Well – why don’t you come on over and visit our new site – Lead System Biz right now!




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Dave Webber worked in Corporate, Private and VIP Aviation for 38 years. In May of 2011 his career came to a screeching halt, due to an unexpected illness. He spent 1 1/2 months in the hospital, had 2 surgeries and spent 8 days on life support and in a coma. If that wasn't enough fun for one year, he was left disabled for a year and wiped out financially, due to the lack of income. Dave is now rebuilding his career with more of an emphasis in online marketing. All of his efforts are based on building multiple and residual, Highly Targeted Online Marketing & Automated Income Strategies. In addition, he uses his marketing and managerial skills from the aviation business, to mentor aspiring online marketers, bloggers and affiliate marketers.....to help them achieve automated incomes for their families as well. Dave also recently created a brand new site to train and help people who want to re-create their own careers - or just learn how to supplement their income. It is a Free Training and Mentoring site which is http://Full-Time-Life.com and is open to anyone who would like to learn more about Working From Home.