Level ONE Network vs My Lead System Pro

Level ONE Network vs My Lead System Pro

Level ONE Network vs My Lead System Pro is actually not much of a comparison. True Level ONE Network is a network blogging system and an affiliate program.  But the comparison pretty much stops there.

Now I have been in Level ONE Network since day one.  Yeah – I actually joined within 10 minutes of it’s unveiling.  And I did so because it was an awesome alternative to Empower Network.  Well for me anyway.

You see I just didn’t like the bare chested images of the founder – and the foul language that followed.  It just didn’t seem professional to me.  So when Level ONE Network popped up – there was a huge difference.  It was professional – and – the way it was built was different as well.

Like night and day actually.  And once I realized how we would be set up on the Level ONE Network blog – as compared to the Empower Network blog – I wanted in.  And I say that because I couldn’t get any traffic from the EN blog at all.  And I was already a blogger.  But that was because of how we were set up as a sub domain.

But not so with Level ONE Network.  We got front page exposure and that meant I could hit the search engines fast just by using it.

So – why did I leave Level ONE Network if I liked it so much?

Level ONE Network vs MY Lead System Pro – Is Actually No Contest

Well the reason why I left Level ONE Network actually began before I joined it.  You see – I joined My Lead System Pro about a week before I joined Level ONE Network.  But as soon as Level ONE Network started and I joined – I immediately focused in on it.  And – I was having some great success from it.

But what got my attention was that the people who joined my team couldn’t duplicate my success.  And you know as well as I do – that in an affiliate program where you get paid for ongoing subscriptions – you don’t make much if your people don’t succeed.

And I think that some of my success was because I built the Level ONE Network Review site.  So it sort of gave me an edge over my team.

Anyway – I had about 50 people on my front line…….and it was looking like nobody else could re-produce.  So – I actually took a better look at MLSP or My Lead System Pro in order to help me with Level ONE Network.  I figured that if I could find ways of generating more leads – I could help my team succeed.

And the more I got into MLSP – the more I realized that Level ONE Network couldn’t hold a candle to My Lead System Pro.  In addition – MLSP embarrassed me one day.  You see I decided to do a traffic experiment one day for one of my team trainings.  And I was trying to show how Level ONE Network could get you more traffic – because it was built different.

But as part of that experiment – I put some content up on the My Lead System Pro Article Directory.  And I just never expected to get spanked so bad – especially in front of my own team.  Anyway – the content on the MLSP Article Directory took off – and got more traffic than all of the other sources that I had used in the experiment.

Level ONE Network vs My Lead System Pro Was A Short Lived Comparison

Well what can I say?  I found myself looking more and more at MLSP – and what I was finding just led me to believe that I bet on the wrong horse.  In fact – I put together a side by side comparison for you.  So take a look at the image below and look at what Level ONE Network had to offer on the left side.  And then take a look at what My Lead System Pro was offering on the right side.

Level ONE Network vs My Lead System Pro

See what I mean?  How could I pay almost $50 per month for one thing – knowing that the other thing was so much better for the same amount of money?

And one of the most important reasons was that MLSP did not have a pass up compensation plan.  And that all by itself – was a game changer for me.

Anyway – yes – I did just leave Level ONE Network recently.  But truth be told – my heart left it months ago.  I just could not promote something that fell so far behind what I had with MLSP.  I just couldn’t do it any longer.

My Lead System Pro Gives The Work From Home Pro – EVERYTHING That They Need To Succeed

So I turned to MLSP to find a way to get more leads for my Level ONE Network team.  But in the process – I found that My Lead System Pro provided every single thing that any Work From Home pro needed to succeed.

Anyway – now you know.  Now you know why I threw in the towel on Level ONE Network.  And now you know why I love My Lead System Pro so much.  I mean just take a look at that image above.  Look at all that you get!  In fact – it is truly everything that you need to succeed anyway.  So check out My Lead System Pro today and see for yourself!



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