MLM Lead Generation Using A Niche Site

MLM Lead Generation Using A Niche Site

MLM Lead Generation Using A Niche Site is a creative way to capture highly targeted traffic from very concentrated sources on the internet.  And it works!  It works really well in fact!

So think about this for a minute.  You are taught almost immediately – if not immediately that you must brand yourself.  You have to create a brand surrounding YOU, INC.  So you set up a blog named Jane-Smith dot com and set out to get MLM Leads on the internet by providing great content and tips about MLM.

MLM Lead Generation - How To Build A Large MLM Business SiteWell – you would be doing it correctly – but – you could get more “Highly Targeted” traffic if the name of your blog was more closely related to the search term that you are going after.

And also – more in tuned to the wants and desires of the audience that you are trying to reach.  So let’s say that you are looking for MLM Leads – and your audience is looking for – MLM Lead Generation themselves.  Now – what does Jane-Smith dot com have to do with that?

So one of the things that you can do is create a “Niche” site.  Now it doesn’t have to be a big site – in fact – I think what I call a one page site works best.  Now – it actually has more than one page…..but let’s get to that in a minute.

MLM Lead Generation Naturally

So I think that we could agree that if we wanted to write about MLM Lead Generation – and we ourselves were looking for MLM Leads – well it probably would work a whole lot better if our site was named something relating to MLM or Multi Level Marketing.

So above I put in an image of a brand new site that I just started.  It’s call How To Build A Large MLM Business and what I wanted to do with that site is share with folks – My #1 Strategy On How To Build A Large MLM Business.  So to do that – I created the new site with those specific keywords in the title.  I also created it using the same name in the URL – or the domain name.

So here’s the thing about a niche site.  First of all – the domain name, the title AND the main page are all the same name.

Why do we do that?

Well if someone were to type into Google – How To Build A Large MLM Business – which do you think will come up faster – How To Build A Large MLM Business – OR – Jane-Smith dot com?

Now you may have a post on your site with that same name – but – when the search engine sees the domain name, the title and the main page with the same words as the question – well it has a really great chance of ranking.  And then when we do some more things to make the search engine happy with our site – it will go even higher up the search engine result page.

MLM Lead GenerationSo – getting back to MLM Lead Generation – you can see that if you are looking for MLM Leads – you would be better served with a site that was related to those words.  And more importantly – we need to deliver valuable information to our readers.  And – where do they hang out?

Well they hang out in communities, forums and places specifically related to their interest.  And if they see Jane-Smith dot com – or they see How To Build A Large MLM Business – well which would grab their attention quicker?  Of course – the one relating to what they want or need.

NOW – once they get to this little niche site – and they get really great information and content – well then they will want to know more about the person who gave it to them.  So maybe they came to the niche site because they were interested in MLM Lead Generation.  But then – they want to know more about you – the author.

And that’s where you take the traffic from the niche site – and send it to your Jane-Smith dot com site by “Back Linking” it.  And that’s just a techno babble term for saying – a link back to your other site.

 How Is  A Niche Site Different Than A Regular Site?

Well the big difference is just the fine tuned subject matter.  So it is more about a specific subject – and not so broad in size or scope.  Now I like to make one page – the main page a static page.  That means it’s a page – and not a post.

Then I add a Privacy Policy and a Contact Us page – because the search engines want you to have that.

And then – we just keep posting on topics related to that main page or the topic of the site.  So in the case of MLM Lead Generation – your goal would be to get MLM Leads.  So you provide content that MLM’ers would like to see about Multi Level Marketing.

As you provide them great content – here and there you offer them something of great value – and that helps you get in contact with them and get to know them – while they get to know you.  And who knows – maybe the two of you will do business together someday.

Anyway MLM Lead Generation Using A Niche Site is a creative way to get MLM Leads – by fine tuning a niche site – or a small site – that is finely tuned to meet the wants and needs of your audience.

To get a better feel of what a niche site looks like – take a look at my brand new site – How To Build A Large MLM Business.  Maybe it will give you some ideas of your own in how you can grow your MLM business through some MLM Lead Generation using the internet.


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