MLSP Team Hangout – How To Get 10,000 Views Per Month

This Hangout was probably our most productive Hangout in months.  Now when I started it – I was fully determined to cut it off at the one hour mark because I had a bad week – and a really bad day.

But like I said – this was probably our most productive hangout that we have had for months and the questions and conversations just kept going.

Everything considered though – you will want to watch this one.  Now this was recorded on Go To Meeting.  And we were using webcams and with Go To Meeting – it displays the video thumbnails of each persons webcam.

BUT – when you record that on Go To Meeting – it doesn’t record the thumbnails.  LOL – so it would seem that I am talking to my desktop – and so were the attendees.  Well what can we say?  We tried.  So next time we will record using Screencast O Matic or something – so that the webcam thumbnails are captured.

Anyway – here is the video.  Enjoy and ask yourself – what strategy do you love the most?  And with that in mind – go for 10,000 views per month – and success will follow you!

MLSP Team Hangout Video

I hope that you enjoyed the video and I also hope that this gives you something to think about when planning your own strategy – on how to get 10,000 views per day!

Dave Webber Sig File On MLSP Team Hangout