MLSP Team Hangout 12-08-14

MLSP Team Hangout 12-08-14 was a sort of review of some of the things that we have been talking about. And we also discussed using Only Wire to get links.  Well – back links that is.

Anyway – the cool thing about using the Only Wire application is that we can also use it for our YouTube videos, MLSP articles and any article or post that we do.  So it is hands down worth the trouble to set it up and also the small fee that they charge for it.

Anyway – we discuss that and I show how I doubled my traffic on a couple of articles in just two days…….and all I did is back link them on Only Wire.

So check out the video below.

MLSP Team Hangout 12-08-14 Video

Now using some of these automated tools like Only Wire is pretty cool – and certainly easy to use.

Anyway – I’ll catch you guy’s next week!

Dave Webber Sig File On The MLSP Team Hangout 12-08-14