My Lead System Pro Messed Me Up

My Lead System Pro Messed Me Up

My Lead System Pro Messed Me Up and I ended up changing my whole online business strategy around. And what can I say – it’s not just any old lead system.  But it definitely surprised me and now I am in the middle of changing everything around.  And it’s a good thing for sure – but never the less – I have to make changes.

under constructionSo – the first thing that I am changing is this blog.  Yep – the whole site will be going through a transformation.  Now this is really cool for you – because I am going to turn this site into a sort of Academy – and I am going to load it up with all sorts of training material and content.

From here on in – this blog will become my main blog as well.  Now if you know me you know that I am a niche blogger and right now I have 26 blogs.  LOL – and let me tell you – that’s a lot of work!

But My Lead System Pro has taught me a lot and quite frankly – I am cutting almost all of my other sites in order to focus in on just two sites – and also two YouTube Channels.  In addition – I also quit two of my affiliate marketing programs as well.  And again – it’s all about focusing in on My Lead System Pro – and fine tuning my online marketing strategies.

Now right about now you are saying – “hey Dave, you are big into multiple streams of income – so why quit two other programs”?

Well I am very much into multiple streams of income – but the strategy change is being done for an extremely important reason – and – that reason may just have an affect on you!

My Lead System Pro Is Now My Primary Affiliate Marketing Program

So here is the deal.  I have found that it is critical that people have the proper training and the proper tools in order to make money online and to become successful in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and MLM – and My Lead System Pro fills that need so nicely.  And – success in all of the opportunities that I just mentioned, require an endless stream of leads. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it!

I mean – it is the true life blood for our businesses.  So I want to focus in on mentoring my team members and spend more time in helping them really grasp the concept of getting AT LEAST 1,000 leads per month!

Now if they can do that – well then they can build income after income – anytime they want.  And the other two affiliate marketing programs that I just dumped – well they were just a distraction at this point in time.  And I can go back any time and add them back into my business.  But for now – I just want to spend more time helping people build their My Lead System Pro business – or what ever business that they are in.  BUT I want to spend more time mentoring!

And trust me – mentoring takes time to do.  Well if it is quality mentoring anyway.  So what I am doing is trimming back every single thing in my business in order to free up my time for mentoring.

So – this blog site will become my main site.  And yeah I have to do a little re-building but that’s okay.  And also – one of my YouTube Channels will also become my main YouTube Channel.  And as I will explain in later blog post’s – that YouTube channel will become the very back bone of my online marketing efforts.  So if you want to follow along on that topic – check out the YouTube button to the right and visit the channel.  And subscribe to it too so you do not miss out on any of the video trainings as well.

Anyway – My Lead System Pro did mess me up – for the good – and I will be making a lot of changes on this site.

So keep an eye out for some really cool changes coming in the next few weeks!



Dave Webber On My Lead System Pro Messed Me Up



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