Right Person Plus Right Offer

Right Person Plus Right Offer

Right Person Plus Right Offer equals a conversion in any field or market.  And putting your offer in front of the wrong person can be your biggest mistake.  Which – unknowingly – results in the some of the biggest frustrations with new online marketers.  Oh – and of course their premature exit from the business as well.

Right PersonBut Right Person + Right Offer = Conversion is such a simple formula and – it is almost blatantly obvious that it makes so much sense doesn’t it?

LOL – seriously – if I am selling a pipe wrench – and put that offer in front of people looking to buy adult diapers – my conversion rate will be a tad low don’t you think?

Now see that was such an extreme example that it made you snicker a little didn’t it?  And that’s because it was an extreme example.  And that is what we have to do at times.  We have to take a step back and look at an extreme situation.  And then look at our product and see more clearly – as to who would be the right person for that product.

AND – where do we find that right person?

 The Right Person Can Be Found When We First Know Our Own Products Better!

In order to find that right person to purchase our product or service – we need to learn more about our own product first.  Now that may sound stupid to say – but you see we may like the product for certain reasons.  But that right person may want it for a different reason.  Maybe even a reason that you never even thought of.  Or maybe for a reason that you just took for granted.

So we need to learn ALL of the attributes and all of the benefits of our products first.  Then we can start to see what type of people would benefit from each of the attributes of our product.

Now the first thing that we need to do is write down ALL the benefits and attributes of our products.  When we write them down we can sit back and study them and we can explore or contemplate what kind of people would be interested in that product. And don’t rush through this – slow down and think of each and every benefit.

Questions About The Right PersonAsk yourself questions like; does it save time, does it save money?  Does this product automate a certain process or task?  These questions will spark your imagination and the more you take this serious – the more money you will make in sales or referrals.  So take it seriously!

Now when you get to a point when you have exhausted your ideas – now think of the right person.  Think of each and every benefit and attribute – and ask yourself -how could this benefit the right person?  Could it save the right person time or money?  Could it make the life of the right person easier?  Let your mind go and explore every single benefit and attribute – and think about who could use or benefit from this product.  And – write that down too!

So who is this right person?  What is it exactly that they do – and how will they use this product?  If this person uses someone else’s product – what is the difference between the products?  Is our product cheaper, more efficient – better quality?  Again – write it down!

Think of it this way – every detail about the right person is critical to your success – and of course your sales!

And this may sound like a pain right now – but in a few minutes the light bulb will go off!

So Who Is The Right Person?  What Do They Do?  How Many Types Of People Fall Into This Group?

Finding the Right PersonNow that we are brainstorming the product benefits and thinking of who the right person would be – that would want our products – we can start to see that there are actually groups of people that would want them.

We can write down all of these people or groups and start to see some things start to unfold right before our eyes.

Things like their habits – such as buying habits.  Maybe operating habits – like how the right person runs their business.  And that in turn gives us clues as to how they could benefit from a new product or a more efficient product.  We start to see how they could make their life easier – or more productive – or even just save money – by getting a better product.

And now what we need to start thinking about at this point is – WHERE does that right person go?  Where does the right person go to get this type of a product -IF they were looking for it?

OR – where would the right person be – even if they weren’t necessarily looking for the product – but maybe they would be glad to stumble onto it!

Now seeing that here on Dave Webber.com we are into automated income streams that come from the internet – well we will explore where to go to put our product in front of that “right person” – on the internet.

But to illustrate this more clearly – we will go back to extremes.  Why?  Well if we can see clearly what does or does not work when we are talking about a silly example – well we would then be able to then see clearly what will work with the right person and the right product.

So let’s check that out!

Where To Present Our Offer – To The Right Person

Pipe WrenchSo let’s go back to the pipe wrench and imagine that it is our product that we will offer it to the right person.  And it is a great pipe wrench.  It is also a beautiful pipe wrench!

And let’s say that the right person sometimes shops at CVS Drug Stores.  So we display our pipe wrench right next to the adult diapers – and even on the same shelf!

What do you think our sales will be?  Now think about this.  There are 1,200 people per day that shop at this CVS store so we are getting some serious traffic right?  Well no!  The traffic is not the right person.  And even if they were the right person – if they aren’t shopping for adult diapers – they will not see our awesome pipe wrench.

LOL – silly me!  Well you are already ahead of me and saying that we should be displaying our pipe wrench at Home Depot!  See – you are a great marketer already!

So we head over to Home Depot because the right person shops there.  And we stand out in front of the store and this is so awesome.  We are getting a ton of traffic!  Thousands of cars driving by within hours!  We are going to make a killing selling our pipe wrench to the right person now!

Right Person In TrafficNOT!  And maybe you are thinking that this is a ridiculous extreme example don’t you?  Is it really?  Because I see a lot of people marketing or offering their products in really bad places – and yet – they get a TON of TRAFFIC!

And don’t get me wrong – LOL – I have definitely been there and done that myself – LOL!  But we make mistakes and we learn.  AND we share what we learn with our team!

So lets go inside Home Depot and display our pipe wrench in there – because surely we will get some sales then right?

Well we can display our pipe wrench right next to the lawn mowers and when the right person comes by – well they will take our offer then – right?

And heck – let’s say that 4,000 people per day go through this Home Depot – well then that will make it a sure thing right?

Yeah – not so much!  But now if we display our offer – our pipe wrench in the tool aisle with the other wrenches – well that makes a lot more sense doesn’t it?  Now when the right person comes down the tool aisle – looking for tools – and more specifically for wrenches – well now the right person will find our offer.

And now – and only now – do we have a high probability of having the right person accept or take our offer.  Only now will the right person buy our product!

So yeah – maybe this extreme example sounds a bit silly but I think that you are starting to see how we have got to put our offer – exactly where the right person will find it.  And not just find it – but the right person this time – in the Home Depot  – and in the tool aisle which is in the right place.  And now they are either looking or they are receptive and open to our offer.

Right Person Plus Right Offer In The Right Traffic Stream

So using the pipe wrench as an offer for the right person and illustrating it as we just did above – I could just summarize this topic and close the post right here.  But I believe that in online marketing – this topic of right person + right offer is crucial to a marketers success.

Now instead of closing the post – I am going to use a real example.  It’s not a sales pitch either so calm down.  But it is an illustration of taking a “Simple” offer – at least at first blush anyway – and by quickly going through benefits and attributes – it will blow right past simple.

It will open up and expose not only the right person – it will expose the right people and also groups of people.

And that is the whole point of sitting down and writing these things down.  Spending some time exploring and thinking of exactly who is the right person.

So because I believe this topic is so critically important – I think that it is worth our time to look at a real example of right person + right offer = conversion.

A Real Offer To See Who Is The Right Person For The Offer

Well if you have been here at Dave Webber.com before there is no secret as to which systems that we love to generate our online income.  So let’s take Level ONE Network and use it as an example for an offer.


Because at first blush the offer will seem simple – and the right person would seem to be obvious.

Level One Network Review on The Right Person

Now the first thing that we have to do is go over the benefits and attributes of the product in order to see who the right person is for our offer.  Now I am going to fly through this and if anyone was interested in exploring the full benefits of the product then they could take a look at Level ONE Network Review which is one of our niche sites dedicated to this product.

So when we say that we could look at the offer at “first blush” and see who the right person would be – well we could say that Level ONE Network is a blogging system – and the right person would be a blogger.  That would be a pretty acceptable assumption for the right person for this product.  But the point that we were making throughout this post was to sit down and break down the offer or product – to see who the right person is.  Or even who the right people are – or even the right group of people are.

This will not only produce a better description of the right person – it will almost always produce a bigger list of the right people!  Lot’s of people!

And then of course we look to see “where” to display our offer.

So let’s break down the offer or product.  And because I don’t want to write a book here – I am going to fly through the benefits and then immediately list who the right person would be for those benefits.  And what will happen – is that our first blush view of – oh it’s a blogging system and the right person would be a blogger – well that will expand really fast.  In fact instead of having a list of – a blogger – we will have a long list of right people and not just one right person.

Offer Benefits And Attributes And The Right Person For Each

Level ONE Network benefits and attributes:

Blog about Right PersonNetwork Blog – or authority blog – but a true network blog with main page exposure.  A network blog is written or built by the members – each supplying a small effort but reaping the accumulative benefit.  The best example of one of the biggest and best blogs is About.com and it should be the model of every network blog.  When you arrive at About.com you see a menu of topics and then categories of subjects.  Because it is set up like this – it has a huge following and reputation and it has a two digit Alexa Traffic rank!  This is how Level One Network is set up and the members can be found on the main page.  Also when a visitor selects Explore and views the categories – they find the individual members posts for that topic or category.  Google loves this set up so much that the search engine spider goes through the Level ONE Network categories and index every hour on the hour.  That means when a member publishes a post, they can be on a search engine result page within minutes or within the hour.  Other so called network blogs are nothing but a domain with an affiliate page system and each affiliate is lost behind the company pages.  They can only be found on a search engine result page.  They even get ranked separately by Alexa.  The Level ONE Network members blogs are pre-built and set up for Amazon.com’s affiliate program, Adsense ads and other popular affiliate program ads and banners for additional monetization methods.

Right person for this list of benefits for the Network Blog: Experienced bloggers seeking higher SERP (Search Engine Results Page) positions.  Beginner bloggers seeking a higher SERP position.  Business owners, doctors, dentists etc. that get terrible traffic flow to their own sites.  Online marketers seeking multiple positions on a SERP and more traffic and exposure.  Bloggers who want to monetize their sites but can’t do that on free sites such as WordPress.com and Blogger. Bloggers who need access to multiple domains to cross link and back link their own sites.  MLM’ers and Network Marketers looking to get leads and prospects from the internet.

Video Network for the Right PersonVideo Network benefits and attributes: A true network on it’s own separate network domain – also with main page exposure and category list exposure for YouTube videos.  The marketer or blogger can list descriptions and keywords for their videos and in addition can add specific links to drive traffic to specific blog posts or website pages and targets easily.  In addition the pages are also automatically cross linked back to the members Level ONE Network blog.  This gives the blogger an additional network domain and an additional chance to get placed on the SERP independently of Google’s method of placing YouTube videos.  It is treated as a blog post on a separate domain and not only as a video.

Right person for this list of benefits for the Video Network: Video marketers that want a better traffic ranked domain to gain higher SERP position and additional positions on the same SERP for the same video.  Bloggers and business owners who seek additional or better positioned SERP results for their videos.  Or any blogger or video marketer that wants more traffic for their videos.  New or experienced bloggers and video marketers.

Gateway Pages for the Right PersonLevel ONE Network Gateway Pages: Also on it’s own network domain and also set up with main page exposure – independent Gateway pages with pre-made graphic templates that are SEO optimized using the same tools as the blog.  No limit on how many Gateway pages that the blogger can make and post.  Also automatically cross linked with the authors Level ONE Network blog.  Gives the blogger or online marketer yet one more domain that is also a network domain and can be used to promote, cross link and can also capture other SERP positions for the same marketing campaign or keyword target.  Can be used for sales pages, capture pages or independent related content to support other campaigns and to capture targeted traffic from related keyword SERP’s.

Right person for this list of benefits for the Gateway Pages: Any blogger, experienced or new, business owners that have low traffic flow and need more options on various keyword targets and multiple positions on SERP’s. Online marketers, Network Marketers and MLM’ers, business owners, real estate brokers, doctors, dentists, lawyers etc.

PDF Pro for the Right PersonPDF PRO Express – And yes once again – a separate network domain with main page exposure for the blogger or author.  SEO optimized PDF documents, reports, sales pages or brochures – even greeting cards – that can be read by the search engine spiders and can also rank on additional SERP positions.  The pages can be published publicly and therefore found by the public for additional reach beyond the initial targeted audience. The documents are also set up to be personalized automatically to the recipient when they download the document.  And because it is one of the four network domains, it can also be used to cross link or back link the bloggers or marketers other pages or posts.

Right person for this list of benefits for the PDF PRO Express Pages: Experienced or new bloggers, marketers, network marketers, MLM’ers, Business owners, sales organizations, manufacturers, real estate brokers, doctors, dentists, lawyers etc.

Compensation Plan for the Right PersonLevel ONE Network Affiliate Marketing Compensation Plan:  The compensation plan is generous with 100% commissions on direct sales and recurring monthly payments – with a built in pass up benefit which can make membership not only free to use for life – it can also produce a life long income stream to those people who market or promote the Level ONE Network products.

Right person for this list of benefits for the Compensation Plan: Affiliate marketers, network marketers, MLM’ers, video marketers, new bloggers that want to monetize their sites but can’t, experienced bloggers that enjoy blogging but don’t get compensated enough for their work.  Business owners, doctors, dentists, real estate brokers that need more traffic due to the poor performance from their own sites – but they would appreciate a new passive income stream. Unemployed, under employed people, single moms, and any family that you can think of that has more month left over after the money.

Now The Right Person + Right Offer Is Far Reaching

I really hope that you saw what the huge difference is by using this approach – a more detailed approach.  As compared to quickly looking at the offer – and assuming who the obvious “right person” would be – if we stuck with the “first blush” approach.

Benefits for the Right Person

Instead we have a huge amount of benefits listed – and a whole list of people who now fit into the right person category.  Remember – we started with a “blogging system” and “bloggers”.

But when we sit down and explore the actual benefits – all of the benefits and attributes of the product or offer and really write down everything – well then everything changes.  Now the list for the “right person” – just explodes!  And it is no longer the “right person” alone – because it now becomes the right people and the right groups of people.

AND – the biggest thing that I hope that you get from this little exercise is – that the places where you can display your offer now grew to become a huge list.

So think about that with our extreme example.  What if we sat down and thought of all of the benefits and attributes of our pipe wrench?  What if we listed every single “right person” that could benefit from the attributes and benefits of our pipe wrench?

Well what would have happened is that we would now have a whole list of who that “right person” is and who the other people are as well – that we could display our offer to.

AND in our example – we could have displayed our pipe wrench in all sorts of places or locations – within Home Depot!  It could be in the tool section – but also in plumbing.  It could be in the kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity section near accessories and fixtures.

We could even display it in the electrical department near the pipes and conduit tube section.

You see by exploring and sitting down and actually writing down the benefits and attributes – we come up with more and more of the “right person” candidates for our offer.  And then – we end up with all sorts of places where the right person will be – and where we can now market directly to them.

Target the Right PersonAnd to the blogger or online marketer – that means – more keywords and keyword phrases to target!  And – more and more chances to capture a high position on more and more SERP’s – or search engine result pages.

Which drives our probabilities of a “right person + right offer = sales conversion”- up so much higher than what we are accustomed to.  It increases our chances of sales or conversions up to a point that you may never have experienced before.

And in fact – this little exercise may just be the difference of failing or being successful!

Right Person + Right Offer = Go Forth And Prosper!

Now that you know how to find out who that right person is – and you know where to find that right person – now go forth and offer that right person your product or service!

Success with the Right Person

Remember to take the time and write down all of the benefits of your product or service.  Take the time to think about who that right person is that you want to present your offer to.

And – “think” – where will that right person be?  This way you can not only present your offer – but you may be able to offer your product to that right person in many different locations.

And by doing that – you can have many opportunities to offer the right person the right product or service.

I hope that you enjoyed this post.  And more importantly – I sincerely hope that you find that right person – time and time again.  I also hope that you use this formula;

“Right Person + Right Offer = Conversion” – and I wish you the very best of success!

So find that Right Person – and go forth and prosper!


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