Secret Lead System-One Of Dave Webbers Secrets

Secret Lead System – One Of Dave Webber’s Secrets

Secret Lead System – One of Dave Webber’s Secrets is Fully Automated. A system that not only works over and over again – but does that with no effort at all.  As it should!  Now you already know that here at Dave we love automated systems.  Well here is another one of those systems exposed just for you.  Our loyal readers!

Now to tell you the truth, some of the systems that we use – especially a secret lead system – well sometimes we think seriously whether or not we want to tell the whole world about them.  I mean sure many of the folks who visit this site end up on our team.

Secret Lead SystemThen again – some continue to be competitors.  But this particular system is something that I get a real kick out of.  And I know almost everyone who reads this post will have a real hard time “Not” trying this one.  LOL – what can I say?  It is unique!

So what does this secret lead system do – and how does it work?  Well let’s get started and let me tell you about exactly how it works.  And more importantly how this secret lead system can help you get new leads every single month.  And automated too!  And – could it be free?  Yes it can be free – LOL – and now you know why we at Dave love this system.

A secret lead system that is not only automated – but brings in leads every month.  AND – free?  Really?

The Secret Lead System Exposes Your Site To 1,000’s of Potential leads

Now when ever we build an online business, we can do that in several different ways.  And when we deal with MLM, Network marketing or Affiliate marketing – we are always looking for an automated stream of new leads.

The best method in our opinion is from organic traffic.  And of course that comes straight from the internet to our web site or blog.  Well our secret lead system sort of does that as well – but also brings with those leads – more incoming links to our site.  So they find us while on someone’s site – and then they come to see our site – because the site that they are on has our link on it.

Secret Lead System is a WinnerAnd that is a great bonus!  A secret lead system that brings us new leads month after month.  But also helps our blog or website traffic rank by bringing us incoming links too.

Now that can happen any time we use classified ads or even when we buy solo ads to advertise our business – so that’s not the secret.  But you know that we all love that part of advertising online.

But the problem with running our own classified ads or solo ads is that we have to do the work.  We have to create the ad and submit the ad.  And for each city that we want to advertise in too.  And I don’t know about you – but time is money to me.  I know that organic traffic from the internet is king.  And I would rather be creating content than to be creating ads.

Our Secret Lead System Does All The Work For Us

So what does this secret lead system do for us?  It submits over 550 classified ads for us.  It submits our link that our ad is directed to – to over 85 different search engines and 250 web directories.  It also ads it to over 50 message boards and forums and over 500,000 networked sites!  But remember I said this secret lead system does this for us – automatically.

Secret Lead System Brings You Leads Automatically Now typically if we use Craigslist or Back Page to advertise our business – we have to submit each ad for each city ourselves.  And usually there is a charge for multiple cities and some cities are expensive.

Oh and let’s not forget that some of our ads don’t meet the guidelines for let’s say Craigslist – if we are advertising for a MLM or Network Marketing opportunity.

Well our friends at our secret lead system know all the ins and outs of advertising using classified ads.  So – leave it to them.  Let them worry about it!

See to me the absolute best part of our secret lead system is that I am an online marketer – and our new friends that do the ads for us – they are in the classified ads business.  So I concentrate on what is important for my business – and I let them concentrate on what they are good at.  And that my friend is how it should be!

So Our Secret Lead System Gets on Craigslist or Back Page in Over 500 Cities – Automatically Every Month – For Us

Well I gave you a brief list of what this secret lead system can do for us automatically every month – but for us – by far it is the 500 + cities that we get into every month.  Now we may want Craigslist – but of course there are lots of restrictions by using them for multiple cities.  So our secret lead system looks at our classified ads that we want to run and what categories that they would fall into – and then the experts decide what would be the best route to go with submitting the ad.

Secret Lead System Gets You CashBut heck even with back Page – getting into over 500 cities with your ad is flat out awesome!  And there are some great cities in there such as Manhattan, San Fransisco, Dallas etc.

I mean with your ad going to LOTS of cities like that – well you are going to get leads.  And leads mean more profits to you and your business!

Do’s and Don’t s with Our Secret Lead System

Well I am going to let you take a look at our secret lead system but first just one word of caution.  Because your website or link is going to get blasted out there to a lot of directories and stuff – make sure that you use an email address that helps you handle the traffic and a lot of responses from the ad submissions.

You see I made the mistake on the first ad that I ran and used my main email address – that I use on my smart phone too.  Yikes!

Secret Lead System Gets You  a lot of EmailI got about 700 emails – LOL!  And I had to go and delete all of those off my phone.  So if you look at our secret lead system and decide that you want to give them a shot – use something like a Gmail or an Outlook account.  Something that can make it easy to handle all those email responses from Craigslist or Back Page verifying your ad submission.  Or even from the directories and message boards.

And when those emails come in – and trust me they will – just think of how much work that you DID NOT have to do – by using your own secret lead system!  And that part of it – the automated part – that is so cool!

So Check Out Our Secret Lead System for Your Self!

To learn more about our friends over at our little secret lead system – just Click Here.  They have plenty of information about their classified ads submission service and how you can get into over 550 classified ad sites and cities with your own ads.  And of course – automatically every month if you choose to do so.

I have been using them for a couple of months and love getting those ads placed for me.  And as far as a secret lead system goes – well maybe it’s not a huge secret.  But then again most folks don’t know about this service.

And for me – our secret lead system works for us every single month like clock work.  And when ever I start getting those 500+ emails letting me know that my ads were just posted for me in all those cities – I just get such a kick out of it.  Because I can concentrate on my work – while the folks at my secret lead system do their part to help me grow my business.

And that is just awesome!

So go check out our new friends – our secret lead system – by Clicking Here!

P.S.  Oh by the way – if you decide to try out our secret lead system and you like it as much as we do – they also have an affiliate program.  So if you like them and tell others about your new secret lead system – you could easily earn enough money to pay for your own ads – so you could get your advertising for free.  Just saying!


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