The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program that I have ever seen and it sure is different than what you would expect.  But it is truly what you have always wanted.  In fact – this is what we have always dreamed of.  A program that actually works!  And a program that you can actually make an income with.  And not just any type of income.  An income that can actually be put on auto pilot.  Like a Golden Parachute!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Failure and SuccessNow I say this because this particular affiliate program that I’m talking about is truly unique with it’s compensation plan.  I mean it’s in a category all by itself.  And it actually possess’s a special feature that promotes success.


And – it’s totally FREE to join – just like affiliate programs such as Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, Click Bank, Commission Junction etc.  And isn’t that the way it should be?

But unlike those simple affiliate programs that I just mentioned – we get paid 7 different ways in this company.  And 5 out of 7 of those ways are totally FREE.  So now when you watch the first video -think about that while you are watching.   

You’ll also get an idea when you see the product – why so many smart people want this product really bad.  In fact most of the world’s experts say that everyone should have some of this for themselves.  But – as affiliates – we can earn ours – and basically get some for free. 

And then – I have also included two videos that explain the compensation plan on what I consider to be – The Best Affiliate Marketing Program.

Then as you watch the videos and read on further down the page – I’ll show you exactly why this compensation plan and this company – is a dream come true for people like you and me.

So check out these videos right now – and make sure that you stick with me until you reach the end of the page.  Because as I explain why this is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program – you’ll see for yourself and – be really glad that you saw this!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Many Reasons


Now you’re starting to get the picture – but there’s more!  Check out everything that you get from this company – for free!

Karatbars Benefits Image On The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Now when you take a good look at that list of free benefits – it would be pretty darn obvious why I love this program so much.  But if you have ever been on this site before – or if you knew me personally – you would also know that I do as much as I possibly can for my team.

I mean – sometimes I just bend over backwards to make sure that my team has every single thing that they need in order to become a success.  Well…….just take a look at this other list of freebies that I give my team when they join us in this affiliate program.  And then you’ll see exactly how a great program – can become the Best Affiliate Marketing Program!

Karatbars TEAM Benefits On The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Is Pure GoldNow I said that this was the Best Affiliate Marketing Program.  And that is a mighty big claim.  But when we consider the product itself – well it’s pretty darned difficult to find a better product.  And I’m sure that you would agree on that point.

However – when we consider an affiliate marketing program – well we want to make money.  And many of us NEED to make money.  So an affiliate marketing program has got to be a little unique in order for us to actually make money.  And that’s what I want to show you next.

Now – let’s face it.  Anytime we look at compensation plans – our heads usually spin.  LOL – they sometimes look like we’re reading something written by a bunch of lawyers.  And that is correct!  So when you watch the next videos – relax!  These videos make it nice and simple to understand how we get paid.

So calm down and think of this.  We get paid 7 different ways in this program.  5 of those ways are free.  And that means – there is nothing to buy – and there is nothing to do each and every month like an MLM.  Just share your links and the sales pages that I give you – or your own – and build a business.

And – you get paid!  

Now the other 2 ways that we get paid are optional.  That means – you only participate if or when – you’re ready to get in on the fun and the larger profits.  BUT remember – you are in no way obligated to ever participate in the optional program.

BUT – I will show you WHY you really will want to get involved in that side of the program.  And with that being said – I’ll also show you exactly HOW to build your business while you are building in the free mode.  This way when you start to see your team growing and growing – you’ll be in the right position – and will have done everything right to cash in – on that optional side of the business.

So in the first video – it shows what we would normally expect with a traditional affiliate marketing program.  And this portion of the program is totally free to join and work – and you’re never obligated to buy anything.  Just build your business and you get paid 5 out of the 7 ways that we can get paid.

For free!  So let’s check out the first video……

Karatbars Compensation Plan – Uni-Level Personal Referral Box

Karatbars Compensation Plan – Dual Team Overview

As I stated – there are 7 ways that we earn money in Karatbars.  So what you’re about to watch now is the optional part.  However – if you have any experience in the affiliate marketing field – you will instantly see that this Dual Team portion of the Compensation Plan is incredible!!!!

So go ahead and watch this video so you can see the earning potential of the entire compensation plan.  But remember – there are 7 ways that we make money in Karatbars – and 5 of those ways are totally FREE.  And you’re never obligated to participate in this optional – Dual Team portion of the compensation plan.

BUT – I’m going to show you how to build this part of the business the right way – even if you’re not participating in this part of the compensation plan at this time.  In other words – I’ll show you how to build this – even if you are in Karatbars for free.  And when you build a large team and you see results – then you can decide at anytime whether or not you want to make more money and join in on the fun!

Okay – let’s check out this next video – because I think you will love it!


Now – you just saw some numbers and profits that are getting up into the more exciting realm.  And they can actually become huge – just by building your business in a very specific fashion.  In other words – let me put it into different terms.

When we look at a specific compensation plan – and then we build our business in the correct way for that particular comp plan – we make the most amount of money for the least amount of effort.

So in this case – the company gives us an option to BUILD our business in a few different methods.  We could build our business – and I am talking about this optional portion of the business – in a fashion that looks very similar to an MLM.  

But remember – we get paid commissions on products as affiliates – not MLM’ers.  So what it would look like when building that way – and how we get paid – is two different things.

However – the company also gives us the option to build our business – straight down!  And when we do that – we turn our business into a VERTICAL Affiliate Marketing program!  And that changes everything!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program – Is A VERTICAL Affiliate Marketing Program!

Now the company never called it a VERTICAL Affiliate Marketing Program.  That’s what I call it – because that’s what it is.  And that’s one of the reasons why I also call it the Best Affiliate Marketing Program too.

But when we build straight down – we put all of our team mates under each other.  And in that way – we all benefit from each others work.  We all become a TRUE TEAM!  And if we all work together as a team – and we all build our businesses in that same fashion – we all can make more money.  And we all can make more money – with less effort!

Vertical Team On The Best Affiliate Marketing ProgramI mean think about this for a minute.  If I have a team of 50 people – and then I sponsored you – you would be on my front line on the Uni-Level portion of my team.  BUT on the Dual Team portion of my business – you would be under 50 other people in my team.  Now – take a look at the picture on the right – and see where it say’s “Next Person.”

Well – imagine that person is you.

Now – what happens if “I” sponsor one more person?  Where does that next person go?  Yep….under you!  What happens if Jane, Jack or Dan sponsors someone new?  Yep – you got it!  Under you!

What happens if I had 50 people already in my team – and all of us sponsored just 1 new person this month?  Where would all of those 50 people go?

LOL – now you’re catching on!  Yes – they would all go under you!

Now – are you seeing exactly why I call this The Best Affiliate Marketing Program?  And do you now understand why I also call it – VERTICAL Affiliate Marketing?

This program is like nothing else that you’ve ever seen before – and – it gives you exactly what you’ve always dreamed of before.  It gives you a fair shot at finally succeeding – because it gives you the opportunity to finally work as part of a true team!

It gives you the opportunity to actually get real help from your sponsor.  Real help or assistance to get you started on your path to – real success!

But – right about now you’re thinking – yeah well that’s probably only good for about 5 or 7 levels down right?  Well that might be true if it was an MLM.  But it’s not an MLM – and that’s not how we get paid.  It’s an affiliate marketing program – and we get paid as affiliates.

And the best part is – this doesn’t stop at 5 or 7 levels.  Heck – it doesn’t even stop at 100 levels.  

It goes DOWN to INFINITY!!!!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Is A Golden Opportunity So now do you see why I get so excited about this affiliate marketing program?

And you know what?  If I was marketing hard boiled eggs with a compensation plan like this – I would still make a lot of money.  But the product isn’t hard boiled eggs – it’s Gold!

Now I’m thinking that you are starting to see the light.  And now you wondering about a few of the things that I just showed you here on this page.  So this is what I would suggest.

I would suggest that you go back and watch the videos one more time.  But this time – think about that VERTICAL Affiliate Marketing component.  Then when you get back to this point – click the button below and join me!  Come and work with me and try this business for yourself – and see the power of going straight down.  

And remember – it’s free – so you have nothing to lose!

 Click on the button below and then click on the “Affiliate” button when the window opens up.

It will take you about 90 seconds – and once again – because it’s FREE – there’s no risk!

Or if you want to learn more about Karatbars – you can check out some more videos by clicking here on Karatbars International Videos.

I look forward to helping you succeed!  So come on……click the button and take that risk free step to secure a Gold Safety Net for you, your family and your future!

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Hey...What's Gonna Happen When I Click That Button?

P.S.  Oh - I almost forgot to tell you this.  You see - people love Gold and sometimes they take money out of their 401K, IRA, savings - or just out of what they normally would have invested in stocks - and they buy Gold.  A LOT OF IT!  So when I heard of someone buying $10,000.00 worth - I thought - wow!  That would be an awesome commission.  

But then I heard of someone buying $60,000.00 worth of Gold.  And then - someone else who bought $100,000.00 worth of Gold.  My gosh - I bet you never had sales like that in your MLM!  And since then - I have heard of someone else who bought $160,000.00 worth of Gold!

So just think about your Pediatrician, your Dentist, your Doctor or any other professional that makes a decent income.  You see - perhaps they never would want to hear about some MLM that you were involved with in the past.  But Gold?  Everyone love's Gold!  

Now - we could never guarantee that you will make big sales like that.  But I think you're starting to see what's possible in this business.  So Click the Button Below - and let's get to work!

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