The Founders Club

The Founders Club of our new Team is made up of visionary leaders who believe in having a servant heart and helping fellow Network and Affiliate Marketers.  They believe that every Affiliate Marketer and Network Marketer that wants to have a shot at success – deserves a mentor and a coach.

They also believe that when we become a Network Marketer or an Affiliate Marketer – we join in arms – in an industry.  And just because someone does not belong to a certain sales force genealogy – or a certain company – well that doesn’t mean that they can’t get the proper training and mentor ship.

In addition – they recognize to such an extent – the value of what this team stands for and what it is destined to become – they also step up and support the advancement of the team – with their finances.

Now none of us are looking for huge contributions.  Instead – we believe that “many hands make easy work”.  So anyone that believes in what we are building – and wants to help support the team are welcome.

Small contributions of just $5.00, $10.00 or even $20.00 per month during this start up phase can help all of us reach our goals so much faster – and help us carry the expenses to create this team quickly.

In addition – The Founders Club for our new team is open for a very limited amount of time.  At some point in time in the near future – this opportunity to step up and be recognized as a visionary founder of this collaborative team will be closed – and the Founders Club Membership will be sealed.

And at the moment – the benefits of being a Founder is still being discussed.  So if this is something that you personally would like to be part of – as a Founding Member – contact me and we can discuss the vision of this team further.

Thank you so kindly for your support – on behalf of hundreds or even thousands of the future members of this collaborative team!

Payments can be made via PayPal to D.J. Webber & Associates using this email address: DJWAA-com_email_image

Any funds paid towards expenses for this collaboration will be acknowledged and documented being received by D.J. Webber & Associates from the contributor for tax purposes.


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