The TEAM and Team Work


The TEAM is forming now and will be one of the most incredible opportunities that you could ever be apart of if you are a Network or an Affiliate Marketer.  It is going to grow at an extremely fast rate – and for a really good reason too.

The TEAM and Team WorkSo – what the heck is The TEAM?  Well first of all – The TEAM is NOT it’s real name.  You see – a name has been chosen and it is the type of name that when people see it – even when driving down the road – they will feel compelled to look it up on the internet from their smart phone.

People that stumble onto some information about it on the internet – will HAVE TO click on the link.  They won’t be able to resist!  Their brain will quicken – and their very being will say – “hey…..I want that”!

And for that reason – we won’t release the name quite yet.  First – we are going to buy every single domain name that is even closely related to it.  Why?  LOL – because when ever someone comes up with a really cool and valuable idea – everybody and their brother wants to jump in and make a cheap imitation of it.

Now they say that imitation is some sort of flattery – yeah right!  Sorry – but this TEAM will be extremely valuable!  People will want to get in – and they will want it bad!

And for you – if you are an Affiliate Marketer – it will be CRUCIAL!  And if you are a Network Marketer or MLM’er – this will be like an answer from heaven for you and your business.

Recruiting Like On Auto PilotThis TEAM – will help you recruit new team members like you have never seen before.  And – more importantly – those who join your team – will be able to quickly turn around and re-produce – by recruiting new team members as well.

HOW?  Well first of all – because they will be part of The TEAM – and people will want to get in!  They will want to jump in!  They will WANT TO BE PART OF THIS TEAM!

And secondly – because you – and your team will finally have all the tools that ARE REQUIRED in order to become successful at Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing.  Let me repeat that – they ARE REQUIRED!

Now you say – how can you be bold and say something like that.  It’s real easy – because 95% to 97% of all Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers FAIL!  And they fail because they are missing essential tools and training – and they stink at sales.

Now it’s not their fault – 95% to 97% of all human beings stink at sales.  Hmmmmmm…… come those two numbers keep coming up?

The TEAM – Offers Leverage – Training – And An UNFAIR Advantage

Well – what if they were part of a TEAM that gave them all of the training that they were missing out on.  And you know exactly what I am talking about here and you know that I am telling you the truth.

They get sponsored and get told that they will get all of this training and support and that is true – right up until the funds clear the account from the credit card transaction.  And then?  Well then all of a sudden their sponsor is busy.  Or – they are told – go watch a video.

Well – what if that were to change – and they were to get REAL training?  Real mentor ship and coaching – on a regular basis!  What if they had access to TEAM benefits that were made for them?  What if leaders who had true compassion for their brothers and sisters in Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing teamed up – and became their surrogate mentors – their surrogate coaches?

What if – the very tools and campaigns and recruiting videos – that these leaders used in order to become successful – what if they were given to these new TEAM members?  Couldn’t they become successful if they used the exact same tools – that these leaders used?


Team BenefitsOf course they could!  And then – just because they were members of this exclusive TEAM – that people will want to be part of just by seeing it’s name – and seeing the benefits – they will also recruit new affiliates and TEAM members because the playing field has now been leveled!

You see – so many people get recruited by these people who flash around these big checks.  And people are wooed into joining because so and so made $10,000.00 in 30 days – so they joined and guess what?  Well they were not able to do that themselves.

And yet these “successful” people with the big checks can recruit more people like it was effortless – because they already had success.  But the newbie – what the heck does he or she have to offer?  And – who would want to join a newbie anyway?

Everyone knows that people join people and not companies.  They want to be associated with successful people – so why would they join a newbie.

So think about that for a minute.  You are new and you join a company and you don’t have the knowledge that the experienced guy has – you don’t have their tools – you don’t have their success or those big checks.

Well then how in the world will you build your own team when no one wants to join a newbie?

The answer is – you join The TEAM!  Because The TEAM will have it’s own reputation and will offer benefits that people just won’t be able to get anywhere else.  The TEAM will give you the leverage – because it will level the playing field for you.

And – The TEAM will not only train you and coach you and mentor you – The TEAM will also train your new team members.  So – all of a sudden – being a newbie isn’t so bad 🙂

All of a sudden – not having tasted success in Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing up to this point – well it’s not a big deal anymore.  Because The TEAM will take on some of the burden of training your team – for you.

And the success and the accumulated knowledge base of all of the leaders inside The TEAM – well they come to your rescue.

So getting training and real mentor ship and coaching is so valuable all by itself.  Now add in tools, videos and campaigns that these leaders use themselves – well that is just crazy.  And then on top of it – just because you are a member of The TEAM – which will have a name that just makes people want to click – and even join – well that is an advantage that is just crazy valuable.

Now at this point – you want to know more details.  I get that!  But – this is starting right now.  Heck – I’ve been in online meetings this week so much I am starting to lose my voice.  So in the coming weeks I will be revealing more and more on the blog.

But – there is also a catch!

To Be In The TEAM – You Also Need To Be A Member Of MLSP

Now why do we all need to be in MLSP or My Lead System Pro?  Well because – it is the very prerequisite to success in Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing.  It’s just plain and simple – you need certain basic tools in just about any career – it just makes sense.

You can’t be a Chef without pots and pans – and you can’t be a photographer – if you don’t have a camera.  Right?  I mean it just makes sense.

Now – you can be in any MLM, Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing company that you want – and you will be trained and get all of the benefits of being in The TEAM.  AND – your team as well.  Rock solid coaching and training – and all of the tools that The TEAM will offer and provide.

But MLSP – that is just something that is a must.  I mean – you can’t possibly think that you have a chance in this business unless you can market “YOU, Inc.” – and for the cost of a cup of coffee per day – it is not even something to talk about.

MLSP – is the very reason why so many people in this business finally started to make money in Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing – the ONE single reason why they finally became successful.

Guaranteed-sealBut don’t take my word for it – check it out for 10 days and see for yourself.  And that trial has a money back guarantee – so it is a risk free trial!

So if you are not already in MLSP – well you need to be.  So check out My Lead System Pro now – and I will personally show you the entire system and show you WHY – it is not something to even think about.  If you are a Network Marketer or Affiliate Marketer – you have to have the basic tools.

I will also reveal to you – some more details of what The TEAM will be all about too!

In fact – check this out!  Some of our team members were getting antsy about the new team site and the new campaigns that would be built for them.  So this is what I did.  I slapped together a campaign for them – using a domain name that I already owned.

And every time a new member joins – usually within an hour – they will have their own copy of this site that they can promote.  Now remember – they did nothing but join – and poof – they got this site.

So it’s 3 pages and this particular campaign is for Network Marketers.  Now calm down – you don’t have to be in Network Marketing or even like it.  But this campaign is built for people who happen to like it.

Anyway – click here on The Harvest Time Team to see what it looks like.  And NO – that is not our secret TEAM name – it just happens to be a domain name that I owned.  So check out this campaign and remember – when you join – you get your own copy as well.  LOL – I mean we try and make this as easy as we can.

And sharing this link all by itself – is pretty darned easy.  I mean the site does all the work – you just reap all of the rewards.  Or in this case – The Harvest!  So check out this site that I just gave our TEAM members – The Harvest Time Team.

So if you truly want to get an advantage – like you have never had before in your entire life – keep an eye on the blog for updates and more news on The TEAM.  And watch for the unveiling of The TEAM.

Now if you want into the TEAM right now – contact me.  Because there is nothing cooler than being able to say – “I got in when it first started”!

And I will start your personal training immediately!


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