Where To Buy Gold Bars

Where To Buy Gold Bars

Where To Buy Gold Bars is not just a question about convenience. Where To Buy Gold Bars is also about security and prudence.  So if it’s convenience that we’re thinking about – well heck that’s a piece of cake.  I mean we live in the digital age and we can buy Gold bars online and have them shipped to our home or office.  Or even a storage facility.

Where To Buy Gold BarsBut the second thing that I mentioned after Where To Buy Gold Bars as a matter of convenience – was about security and prudence.  And that’s really what we have to consider when we buy Gold.  So let me explain a few things that we have to consider.

First – did you know that Tungsten weighs almost the same as Gold?  And Tungsten is only roughly about $1.00 per ounce – so think about this.

If some unscrupulous type of individual made a mold to make counterfeit bars out of Tungsten and then Gold Plated them – would you know the difference?  I mean if you weighed them and even X-Rayed them – could you tell that the bar was Tungsten and not pure Gold Bullion?

Most likely not.  Especially when you bought them – and held onto them.  However – you’d probably find out about it when you went to sell them.  And besides all of the pain and suffering that you would go through trying to defend yourself legally if you are accused of being the counterfeiter  – there’s also the pain and suffering of knowing that you blew all of that money.

Money that was supposed to insure your families financial security.  And now it’s gone!  Now you’re starting to understand what I’m talking about when I say security and prudence need’s to be considered.

Where To Buy Gold Bars Depends On The Size Of The Bars

So where can we buy Gold Bars?  Well – that really depends on your particular budget and also your needs.  If you need large quantities of Gold like 100 oz bars – and you can afford the approximate $130,000.00 per bar price tag – heck you could buy right from the Commodity Markets through a broker – and take physical delivery of the Gold Bars.

What Size Bar On Where To Buy Gold BarsBut most likely you’re like the rest of us – who prefer to buy smaller Gold bars. You know – those that are sold by the Gram instead of by the ounce.  And buying by the Gram is actually a pretty smart idea.  I say that because it’s easier to create a budget that’s based on a lot of smaller bars – rather than just a few larger bars.

So – how big are these small bars?  Well typically they’re in the smaller increments of 1 gram, 2 1/2 grams or even 5 grams.

And by the way – Gold is sold by Troy Ounces – not Metric or US/British.  So there are 31.10 grams in a Troy Ounce.

Now when we break the Gold bars down to smaller sizes – not only can we afford more of them – we gain a pretty cool benefit.  And that benefit creates a savings strategy that averages the price that we pay – even though Gold prices fluctuate daily.

In other words – we can buy more when prices are lower – and less when prices are higher.  And this is done automatically.  So we don’t have to be some Wall Street Guru.

Let me show you what I mean.

Buy Gold Bars Online With A Gold Savings Account

So consider what you can afford to budget – with weekly or monthly deposits into your own Gold Savings account. And that’s the same thing that you would do by creating a savings and investment strategy – just like putting money into a 401 K account – or an IRA.

Now with Gold it’s actually a really smart strategy when it comes to setting small amounts of money being put aside weekly and monthly.  It’s smart because what you are doing is creating a “price averaging” strategy as well.  And what I mean about that is the fact that because the price of Gold is constantly fluctuating up or down.  So – it’s better to have an account set up that buy’s when a certain balance is attained.

Let me give you an example of how to buy Gold bars using a self imposed savings plan.  Let’s say that you can afford to put away $70.00 per month – or even $70.00 per week.  You can set up your online account to purchase a gram of Gold every time your account balance reaches enough to buy a 1 Gram Gold bar.  (Or what ever size that you prefer.)

If the price of Gold were to climb – your account would be buying fewer Gold bars – because of your account balance.  BUT – if the price of Gold were to go down – your account would trigger more often – and you would be buying more small Gold bars – and of course based on your balance.

You’re In Total Control Of Your Gold Savings Account

In any case – by setting up what ever amount that you want deposited in your account – you control your own budget.  And then setting up the increment for the purchase – let’s say a 1 Gram, 2 1/2 Gram or a 5 Gram Gold bar – you are then setting up the frequency of how many bars you would be accumulating.

And because of these levels – your purchases would increase in frequency when ever the price drops.  So in effect – you have created a price averaging schedule in your own personal Gold savings account.

Okay – so that’s how to buy Gold bars when thinking about your budget.  It’s also about a strategy that takes fluctuating daily prices into account.

Where To Buy Gold Bars Through Your Own Gold Savings Account?

Well when we consider convenience, security and prudence – as we discussed – I happen to like one particular source.  They do business in over 120 countries already and are growing at a very healthy pace.  They also put in place some outstanding security features that include holograms, serialized bars and even a DNA identifier that is applied to the Gold bars.

Various Size Bars On Where To Buy Gold BarsThey offer small sized bars in the 1 gram, 2 1/2 gram and 5 gram bars.  And they offer auto purchase options that help us control our savings and automatically considers the price averaging that we talked about above.

Now they ship via Fed Ex right to your door.  But – because it’s your savings account – you also have the option where your account can trigger a purchase every time it reaches a threshold set by you.  Then – it can save those bars and store them securely until you reach 100 grams of Gold – for free.

And then – they will ship them to your home or office – again via Fed Ex – but for no charge!  So – you can see why I totally prefer this particular source.

Get Your Free Gold Savings Account Today – In Just A Few Minutes!

Free Gold Savings Account On Where To Buy Gold BarsAnyway – when people ask me where to buy Gold bars – or how to buy Gold bars online – I usually mention this source.  It’s free to open an account and don’t charge any pesky monthly fee’s.  And like I said – you can let your purchases build up and be stored securely for free – and then be shipped for free.

There is one more thing that I should mention here.

You know how when you see a cool movie and then you tell a friend about it?  Well – we all do that.  In fact – word of mouth is known to be one of the most powerful ways to get the word out about something.

Well – this company also has a referral program.  So if you are buying Gold for you and your family – and then you mention it to a friend – you can be rewarded for that.  In fact – you can earn free Gold bars – just for casually mentioning how you do it.  All you have to do is share your personal link – and you get credit for any Gold that your friends or acquaintances buy.

And again it’s free – and it’s easy!

So click here on Free Gold Savings Account – or – on the button below and open your free Gold savings account today.  And while you’re at it – keep in mind that you may have the chance to tell someone else about how you buy Gold bars online.  And in that case – click on the Affiliate Button – instead of Customer.  That way you always have the option to refer someone later on down the road.

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